13 things you’ll only know if you actually love dressage

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13 things you’ll only know if you actually love dressage

It’s well known that dressage is few eventers’ favourite phase. I mean if you loved dressage so much, you’d probably just do straight dressage… Right? Wrong! I am among one of the seemingly rare eventers who actually love dressage. That’s right, I look forward to riding down centerline. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t live without cross-country but dressage is definitely something I enjoy. If you are also a dressage lover at heart than too will know/understand these things:

1) The compulsiveness to ensure that every halt is SQUARE.

Micahel Jung and Fischerrocana - Rolex 2016 dressage halt


2) That satisfaction a perfectly timed half-halt gives you.


3) You have nightmares that your horse develops the ugly habit of sticking its tongue out.


4) You never forget to pick up your dressage test after an event.


5) Getting a mark below 50% on a dressage test would kill you inside.


6) Long and low is a necessity in every warm-up.


7) Not being able to believe that some riders are too ignorant to know the difference between renvers and travers.


8) If you had the money, you’d buy a beautiful Grand Prix dressage horse to compete just for fun in addition to your eventers.


9) All you want in life is the ability to sit trot half as well as Charlotte Dujardin.


10) The importance of a quality walk.

walk rambo


11) Nothing brings a smile to your face like scoring an ‘8’ on your ‘Rider’ mark.


12) How annoyed a flying change that is late behind makes you.


13) That feeling at the end of the test when you know you nailed it.

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