The 2018 Bit of Britain’s Next Top Riders are…



The 2018 Bit of Britain’s Next Top Riders are…

Wow, what a fun campaign! We are so impressed with the young riders that are coming up the ranks with athletic ability, social media savvy, and the understanding of a sponsorship relationship. The riders who participated in this campaign are all very talented and entrepreneurial riders with bright futures.

Eventing Connect wants to thank you for participating and supporting Bit of Britain’s Next Top Rider sponsorship. This has been an amazing social media campaign and voting spree with nearly 90,000 votes cast. After reviewing public support, individual social media activity and followers, Bit of Britain is pleased to announce the 2018 Next Top Riders.

Sponsorship will be awarded to these three riders and each rider will choose from a variety of products for the value of his/her sponsorship. Drum roll…


1st place – Gold ($1500 USD)

Austin Skeens:


2nd place – Silver ($1000 USD to be shared equally among the three winners)

Lauren Yeagy, Elizabeth Henry and Emma Sloan:


3rd place – Bronze ($500 USD)

Magdalena Valenti:

Thank you for participating. You are all amazing and if you keep up the social media momentum and self-branding and promotion, you will be successful in whatever career you choose.

Happy New Year to everyone from Bit of Britain and Eventing Connect.



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