Find out how eventers around the world answered these tough “Would you rather” questions

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Find out how eventers around the world answered these tough “Would you rather” questions

Last week, riders from around the equestrian world played a game of “Would you rather“. The questions we asked made riders choose between some tough choices. Everyone has different opinions on what is important to them. Some of the questions had some very evenly divided answers and others there was an overwhelming top answer. Check out the results below to find out what eventers really would rather do/have…

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Would you rather ride in a clinic taught by:


Which four-star winning mount would you rather have in your barn?


You can only win one CCI4* event in your career. Which one would you rather win?


What would you rather have at your stable?


Which job would you rather your future spouse have?



Would you rather get a new horse or a new horse trailer?


Who would you rather be a working student for?


What sponsorship would you rather have?


Would you rather live off of Ramen noodles or Kraft Dinner so your horse can live the high life?


Would you rather miss your distance to massive ditch and or the last fence in show jumping when you’re in the lead?


Last question! Which type of cross-country fence would you rather jump?


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