Seven dressage exercises you need to start schooling today



Seven dressage exercises you need to start schooling today

Christmas is only days away but riders in the Northern Hemisphere are still training hard in the thick of winter. It’s officially the ‘off-season’ so there are no more events happening in the near future. But even if your next show is still months away, you should still be training hard to get ahead of your competition for next season. Don’t be a slacker this winter, follow this advice and use these exercises to wow the judges at your first event in 2018:

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Easy tips to master a SQUARE HALT and score an 8 or 9 every time. Maybe even a 10! | Eventing Connect Training your horse how to halt squarely is not as complicated as it sounds. Invest the time this winter to nail your halts so when next season rolls around, you’ll score a ’10’ on the first centreline you ride down.

Improve your horse’s balance and rhythm – Lunging guide | Eventing Connect Most indoor arenas are large enough to lunge a horse and this is a simple yet effective way to seriously take your horse’s training to the next level.

The near magic fix to any horse’s contact issues | Eventing Connect Speaking of lunging, using this modern version of ‘side reins’ while you lunge your horse can make an even bigger difference in your horse’s progress.

Back to basics: One crucial training principle to make your horse an easier ride | Eventing Connect  Getting and keeping your horse ‘in front of your leg’ is the most basic of all basics. But it is often overlooked and many riders are actually oblivious to the fact that their horses are not responsive off of their leg aids. Is your horse behind your leg? Take the test to find out and then follow the advice to ensure you fix this simple but important part of your horse’s training.

Quit cutting corners! – Three tips to boost your dressage scores | Eventing Connect Every time you cut a corner in the dressage ring, you throw valuable marks carelessly away. Stop committing the dressage sin of corner cutting this winter and earn better scores in 2017.

A simple tool to gain your horse’s trust and lightness | Eventing Connect  Does your horse lean on the bridle? Do you and your horse have communication problems? Try this fun and creative method to build your horse’s trust in you and create a lighter horse to ride.

Five steps to help you deliver your best performance in the show ring | Eventing Connect Your warm-up can make or break your dressage test. It is imperative that you have a well thought out warm-up strategy before every show. By following these five steps this winter you will be able to develop a horse-proof warm-up plan for next season.


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Friday’s Fashion – Modern dressage tailcoats | Eventing Connect If you’re going to ride like a dressage queen, you should look like one too. Whether you are in the market for your first tailcoat or in need of a wardrobe update, these tailcoats are sure to impress.

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