Monday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay



Monday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay

Today’s SCOOP sponsor:
Eastern Hay is the premier source of hay bales in Eastern USA.


Events in North America this weekend:

United States:
Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day International Event (FL) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]
Fresno County Horse Park Horse Trials (CA) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]

FEI events from around the world:

Adelaide Australian Three-Day Event [Website] [Results]


Worldwide bits and bites


Breastplates & Cruppers: Front to Back Saddle Stabilization – Horse CanadaHorse Canada Sometimes a saddle just doesn’t want to sit still, sliding either too far backward or forward in response to the type of riding you’re doing or your horse’s conformation. Luckily, two handy pieces of tack can help. Solve saddle slipping woes with correctly fitted breastplates and cruppers.


United States:

Attack of the Rabid Fox | A horse owner captured a video of a fox in his horse pasture, but then the fox attacked. Find out what saved his horses.

ASPCA ramps up horse welfare initiatives – Horse care is in the spotlight of the ASPCA following the creation of its Equine Welfare department and the appointment of Dr Emily Weiss as its vice-president.

Alternative Fiber Sources for Horses | Need to stretch your hay supply? Consider adding hay cubes, complete feeds, or forage byproducts.
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