Stylish Six: Second horse inspection – Ocala Jockey Club International CCI1* & CCI2*



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Stylish Six: Second horse inspection – Ocala Jockey Club International CCI1* & CCI2*

This morning, the horses competing in the CCI2* and CCI1* at the Ocala Jockey Club International 3-Day Event were presented for second horse inspection. All 33 horses presented in the CCI2* were accepted without any holds. There were 76 horses presented in the CCI1*, 75 of which will move on to show jumping. There were three horses sent to the hold box in the CCI1*: Becky Holder’s Kieran, Ryan Wood’s Galway Blazer and Emma Vallner’s mount T Other Guy. Ryan Wood withdrew Galway Blazer from the holding box and the other two horses passed upon reinspection.

Show jumping for the CCI1* started at 10:00 AM and the CCI2* show jumping kicks off at 3:30 PM. Cross-country for the CIC3* is also taking place today from 1:30 PM until 3:15 PM. While you wait for the final results to start rolling in, check out the best dressed from this morning’s horse inspection.

Our fashion police once again had a challenging time narrowing down the Stylish Six from so many stunning options. So we split it into a Stylish Six for the CCI1* and one for the CCI2*. Here are the six fashionable duos from the CCI1* (scroll down for the CCI2* elite six):

Briggs Surratt & Bright Water. Briggs’ style was unique and classy.

Kim Cecere & Lndmk’s Monaco. I want that shirt!

Leila Saxe & Mr Bojangles. Leila’s denim dress was oh so casual chic.

Louisa Flaig & Elfenzauber. Louisa’s boots and jacket matched perfectly.

Molly Tulley & Gliding Class. Molly looked fierce in her black jacket.

Tik Maynard & Carolina. Tik combined cool, casual and sophisticated with his brown leather jacket, dark blue jeans and a tie.

Here are the six fashionable duos from the CCI2*:

Caroline Martin & Cristano Z. Everyone was jealous of Caroline’s gorgeous black jacket.

Waylon Roberts & Lancaster. Waylon’s red and blue look was perfectly coordinated.

Victoria Garland & FE Capricino. This outfit was the right combination edgy and sophisticated.

Maya Black & Mowgli. Simple but stylish.

Lily Geelan & Luksor. Lily’s first jog up outfit landed her in the Stylish Six on Wednesday and she did not disappoint today!

Leslie Law & Harthill Diamond. Leslie’s style could’ve won him another Olympic gold medal this morning.

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