Stylish Six: First horse inspection – Ocala Jockey Club International CCI1* & CCI2*



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Stylish Six: First horse inspection – Ocala Jockey Club International CCI1* & CCI2*

The Ocala Jockey Club International 3-Day Event kicked off today with the first horse inspection for the CCI1* and CCI2* divisions. An impressive 96 horses were presented in the CCI1* and 45 in the CCI2*. Six horses were sent to the hold box in the CCI1* and all passed upon reinspection except for Karen Conk’s (USA) Time For Roses. In the CCI2* only Kirstin Buffamoyer’s mount, Hurry Murray was sent to the hold box but they passed upon reinspection.

Tomorrow, the action continues with part of the CCI1* dressage and all of the CCI2* dressage. On Friday, the CCI1* dressage will finish up and the CIC3* dressage will take place. Saturday is cross-country day for the CCI1* and CCI2* divisions and show jumping day for the CIC3*. The event concludes on Sunday with the show jumping for the CCI1* and CCI2* divisions along with the CIC3* cross-country.

This afternoon, riders and grooms were all focused on making it smoothly and stylishly through the first horse inspection. The weather was cool (by Floridian standards) but sunny and riders were dressed to impress.

Our fashion police had a challenging time narrowing down the Stylish Six from so many chic options. So we split it into a Stylish Six for the CCI1* and one for the CCI2*. Here are the six fashionable duos from the CCI1* (scroll down for the CCI2* elite six):

Wynter Harrison & J’Adore Dior. Wynter’s bright romper with that white jacket made for a winning outfit.

Rylee Gailey & Dukes Up. That pearl necklace was just oh so chic.

Lesley Grant Law & Lady Chatterly. I cannot decide what is cooler her top or those boots.

Lauren Balcomb & SL Belly. This outfit is simple but so elegant.

Cosby Green & Highly Suspicious. Where did she get that dress?

Alex Makowski & Hopin’ and Praying. Alex was the king of casual style today.


Here are the six stylin’ duos from the CCI2*:

Randy Ward & Grando. Randy always dresses to impress at jogs with his collection of sharp suits.

Phillip Dutton & Fernhill Singapore. The Team Lee Lee hat made this so much more than just a lovely outfit.

Lily Geelan & Luksor. Plaid never looked so hot.

Lauren Kieffer & Fashion Forward. Lauren was dressed very ‘fashion forward’ with her bright colour coordinated outfit.

Hallie Coon & Azrael. Those boots are just so edgy.

Anita Nemtin-Gilmour & McLovin. This all black outfit is so fierce.

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