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Last Week TODAY

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Sad time of year…


Eventers turned golfers.



The artwork didn’t have anything on my handsome date 😍 #MCM #ptexperience

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Can you tell who it is yet…. #SHADOWsportshorses #TheChamp #V8SuperCob #TeamHobday #silhouette #YehBoi

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Future four-star horse!

McGregor 🚀🚀

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Eventers deserve spa days!


Now there’s a thank-you.


Because CCI4* jumps are too small…


Poor guy.

Oh dear…..horses – and always has to be the good ones 😢😢😢. **⛔WARNING – don't swipe across to 2nd photo if you don't like blood⛔** Vicky & Gus Rieunier's VENDI CRUZ did himself a mischief 30minutes before my plane left for Australia. My amazing boy tried to jump out of his field after being spooked and as he took off, his hind end slid on the gravel hard standing (around gate area) and he only got his front end over. His hocks slid along the ground and one must've caught a big stone. It got infected immediately and thanks to Valley Equine hospital he was operated on within hours of the accident. When testing for an infection up to 2 is safe……his read 200 🙈. Thankfully all bone and liganents/tendons are in tact, but the worry was the infection. They flushed the area and thank God, two days later it is still looking safe and hasn't reinfected. Although a seriously long road to recovery to heal the area and for the skin to grow over, we are hoping we out of immediate danger, as it was touch and go for a while. I am so sad this has happened, we had such a high hopes for this season as he finally started to feel like the legend I knew he would be. Gutted, he is too talented to spend the next 12-18months in recovery, but he is worth anything and we shall do it. SO many thanks to his amazing owners for everything… don't deserve this either. Love you guys 💖

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Winter is coming.


Dressage queen.

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