What do you think of the proposed 2018 Equestrian Canada rules for Eventing?


What do you think of the proposed 2018 Equestrian Canada rules for Eventing?

Equestrian Canada (EC) is advising the community that the 2018 EC Rule Change Proposals (RCPs) for Section D, Eventing, are now available and open for review. The deadline to provide feedback is Dec. 8, 2017.

Each year, EC Sport Licence Holders have the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed new rules for our sport. Over the years, the rule development process has benefited greatly from the insight and input received from the community.

In May 2017, EC Sport Licence Holders were invited to submit suggestions for rule changes. These suggestions were reviewed by discipline experts and the EC National Rules Committee, and the 2018 EC RCPs were created.

There are numerous rule changes proposed for 2018 but three in particular really stand out:

  • Dressage scoring may be changing dramatically. When converting the average percentage into penalty points, the percentage mark will still be subtracted from 100 but will no longer be multiplied by 1.5. This is how horse trials are scored at British Eventing and United States Eventing Association events. The FEI has also proposed making this exact same rule change.
  • The second significant change is that more options are being proposed for dealing different cases of dangerous riding. In the past, riders could be dealt an Elimination and a warning card, 25 penalties and a warning card or just a warning card. It is being proposed that officials also have the options to just Eliminate or give a rider 25 penalties, without the warning card. Riders may also get off with just a recorded verbal warning.
  • In addition, “Spursuader Spurs” with flat disk and rounded edges were fermerly only allowed in dressage but now it is being propsed that they be allowed in all three phases.


Although, these are the three more influential rule change proposals there are numerous other changes being proposed. Click HERE to view all of the 2018 proposed rule changes.

To submit comments on the 2018 Section D RCPs, please send an email to Rachel Huebert at rules@equestrian.ca.

Please include the following information along with your comment:

  • Section and article number of the rule(s) you are commenting on (please include in the email subject line)
  • Your EC Sport Licence number (please include in the body of the email)

The deadline to provide comments is Dec. 8, 2017.

Equestrian Canada press release

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