Thursday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay


Thursday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay

Today’s SCOOP sponsor:
Eastern Hay is the premier source of hay bales in Eastern USA.


Event results in North America this weekend:

United States:
Fair Hill International CCI***/** (MD)  [Omnibus] [Website] [Draw Order] [Results]
Hitching Post Farm Horse Trials (VT) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]
Fleur de Leap H.T. (LA) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]]
Las Cruces H.T. (NM) [Omnibus] [Website]  [Results]<
Paradise Farm H.T. (SC)  [Omnibus] [Website]  [Results]
Exmoor Horse Trials Fall Event (FL) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]

Will O Wind Fall Finale (ON) [Omnibus] [Website]

Worldwide bits and bites


Can Bee Pollen Help my Horse Eat More? | Horse Canada A bee pollen supplement may help increase your horse’s feed intake. A study showed that bee polledn improved feed intake, and resulted in small increases in nitrogen and phosphorus retention.

United Kingdom:

9 ways to get your yard ready for winter before the clocks go back – Horse & Hound Now is the time to get your stable and pastures in shape before winter really sets in. Stock up on road salt before prices increase,
make sure your pipes are all insulated, invest in water trough heaters, prevent flooding by cleaning all ditches and culverts, cultivate and seed your pastures and consider limiting turnout when fields are extremely muddy so they don’t get damaged.

Resistance Bands Help Strengthen Horses’ Core Muscles | A recent study showed that after four weeks of resistance band training, horses showed less unwanted vertebral movement along the back. The bands stimulate proprioception—self-awareness of where and how an individual’s body parts are being used—Rombach said, which results in the strengthening of muscles that regular exercise doesn’t usually affect. This looks like a training aid that is worth investing in!

Top dressage sire De Niro dies aged 24 – Horse & Hound The leading dressage sire, De Niro’s offspring include numerous grand prix winners as well as World, European and Olympic medallists. He unforunatley was humanely euthanized because of an ongoing laminitis problems. Do you own any horses that have De Niro in their lineage?


United States:

Warm-season grasses have potential for feeding horses over summer, study shows – Warm-season grasses have potential for feeding horses in places that are traditionally the domain of cool-season species, according to researchers, although nitrate levels would need to be watched. Warm-season annual grasses have to be planted each season but unlike cool season grasses they do not go through a slump during the extremely hot months of summer. What type of grass is in your horses’ paddocks?
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