Friday’s Five – Steps to throw the ultimate Halloween barn party


Friday’s Five – Steps to throw the ultimate Halloween barn party

Eventing season will have come to a close in most parts of the world by Halloween, so why not throw a massive party at your barn to celebrate the end of the season and this cool holiday…

So let’s party and follow these two rules for a spooktacular time!
1) Everyone must dress up. Anyone who shows up without a costume on has to go to Kangaroo Court.
2) No one is allowed to dress up as a horse rider (unless it is a parent or significant other who has never sat on a horse).


Now that we know the rules, here are five steps to throw the best barn Halloween party ever:
1. Gruesome, scary and delicious human and horse treats – No food should be ordinary. Culinary arts is not most riders thing, but here are some EASY recipes that anyone can prepare…
Mummy dogs (for humans) – Wrap premade breadstick dough around hotdogs. Bake at 375*F for 10-15 minutes. Use dots of mustard or ketchup to make the eyes.

Carrot fingers (for horses and humans) – Peel medium-sized carrots, use a dab of cream cheese to stick an almond to the tip of the carrot for the fingernail.

Eye-scream (for humans) – Top one perfect scoop of vanilla ice-cream with a blueberry in the middle, drizzle strawberry sauce over it for the bloodshot look.
2. Beverages that will have your guests acting like ghouls – No one has to show jump on Sunday morning so you can serve drinks that will make your guests think the grim reaper is coming for them in the morning. Here are some fun drink recipes that can be made with or without alcohol.

Ghostly gulp –
1) Pour white-hot chocolate in a glass and for the alcoholic version mix in some white chocolate liquor.
2) Top the glass with whip cream in a ghost shape
3) Use 2 mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

Sloppy slime –
1) Mix light corn syrup with neon-green food colouring in a bowl.
2) In a separate bowl mix together 1 part apple juice, 1 part grape juice, 1 part carbonated water, blue food colouring, and 1 part white wine (for alcoholic version).
3) Dip the rims of the glasses into the corn syrup and turn upright to ‘slime’ them.
4) Fill the glasses with the blue drink mixture and top with a gummy worm.

3. Transform your barn into a scene from a horror movie – There are countless Halloween movies where some maniac murders people in barns with a pitchfork or the horses are possessed. Make sure you do not clean the cobwebs in your barn leading up to the party, they are a great source of free décor. Lighting is the key to setting the right mood. As spooky as candlelight can be, do not use any candles in your barn because they are a huge fire risk. For the eerie candlelight effect purchase some flameless candles. Pumpkins are affordable decorations and if you carve them you can bake the seeds and feed them to your guests also. Make sure your metal pitchforks are hanging up in places that guest can see, they add an element of terror. If you have an older barn you should be extra happy because they always look a little more unsettling.
4. Curse horsey words – Force guests at your party to talk about something other than horses (because the season is over and it is healthy to talk about other topics in life) by cursing a list of horsey words. Hang up a bulletin board with a list of horsey words that are not allowed to be used with a list of alternative words so those who really want to talk about horses can… But with a risk! Yes anyone caught overhead saying one of the cursed words will have to undergo a punishment. A good punishment could be getting locked in the dark feed room with the mice for 10 minutes or having to muck out the barn in the morning. Think of how entertaining these conversations will get…
For example:
• ponies = gremlins,
• horse = demon,
• riding = trick-or-treating,
• coach = wicked witch, etc.

“I was trick-or-treating my demon and the wicked witch kept telling me to kick harder.”

Carved Pumpkins
5. Utilize everyday barn items to set up horrific games – The best parties have wicked awesome games. Barns have plenty of space and everyday barn items can be used to play games, you just have to get creative. Here are some ideas if you are struggling to see how barn items can be morphed into game accessories:

Broomstick races – Set up a frightening obstacle course, using hay bales, horse jumps, sections of the barn with spider webs, etc. Contestants get a broom and have to run the entire obstacle course with it between their legs, witch style. Winner gets a brand new broom because every rider appreciates a new broom.

Bobbing for apples – Okay, this is an obvious choice for a barn Halloween party. There are plenty of large buckets and apples galore at most stables. Maybe add a twist and make riders compete with a horse representative. Whoever’s horse grabs the most apples out of the bucket in an allotted time frame wins!
BONUS TIP: T-shirts for you to greet your guests or hand out as prizes. You can wear them year round.

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Wishing you a frightening good time!

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