Tuesday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay


Tuesday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay

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Eastern Hay is the premier source of hay bales in Eastern USA.


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Study: Fat Ponies Will Work for Food | TheHorse.com Researchers found that some ponies are willing to exercise themselves as long as there’s food involved. The study used a dynamic feeder with two doors, that was set on a timer so one door would close and the other would open, alternating every five minutes. With this feeder, ponies walked for almost two hours twice daily, traveling an average of 3.7 times more than when they did not use the dynamic feeder.

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Hanging cheek snaffle: how does it work? – Horse & Hound If you’re wondering whether a hanging cheek snaffle bit is the right choice for your horse, there are a few things go consider. This type of bit cheek offers more stability than a loose ring and due to the action within the mouth, and it offers more braking control than an eggbutt. It is also good for sensitive horses that do not like tongue pressure. It does however, not apply any pole pressure. This bit is best for horses that are unsteady in the contact but not ones that tend to go behind the vertical.

Researchers sound cautionary note on round pen training videos on YouTube – Horsetalk.co.nz The “chase-away” round-pen technique used in natural horsemanship training. The horse is initially chased away from the handler with the likes of arm-waving or vocal cues. After a period of flight behaviour such as trotting, or galloping, the intensity of the aversive stimuli is generally reduced. The ultimate goal is to condition the horse to remain close to and follow the trainer. However, many amateurs are not skilled enough to reduce the stimuli quick enough so it is best you take lessons from a pro in person and not online videos.

Blenheim Horse Trials 2017: thrills, spills… and don’t forget the champagne – Horse & Hound There were many thrills and spills over the weekend at the Blenhiem Horse Trials. From Jonelle Price tackling her first big event after having her first baby to Emily King making an impressive save at the water jump, these photos will give you an adrenaline rush and bring a smile to your face.


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Skin Issues That Affect Saddle Fit | TheHorse.com Some sores, injuries, and infections can make saddling a painful process for your horse. Some sores can be a direct sign of a poor fitting saddle but other skin issues such as rain rot require extra and careful grooming practices to keep your horse comfortable.
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