Five fall reads to turn you into a dressage star before 2018


Five fall reads to turn you into a dressage star before 2018

Fall is the perfect time of year to curl up by the fire with a pumpkin spice something or other and read a good book. But why waste your precious time reading a book that isn’t horse-related? Improve your dressage for next season by taking affordable lessons from the world’s greatest dressage riders by reading their excellent books. Take advantage of your reading time and turn yourself into a dressage queen (or king) with these top books:

1) Dressage with Kyra: The Kyra Kyrklund Training Method – This is one of the easiest dressage books to read and you can apply the information from this book in the saddle immediately. I have read my fair share of dressage books and I find many go into a painful level of detail making them hard to follow, but in this book, Kyra explains dressage in a simple and logical fashion. This book outlines a very effective training system, which Kyra has used to produce all of her horses. Her exercises emphasize using the lightest aids possible and if you heed her advice you will notice a difference in your horse’s training.


2) Cavalletti: For Dressage and Jumping by Reiner Klimke and Ingrid Klimke – Spice up your dressage training by throwing come cavallettis into the mix! Cavalletti exercises are often underused by eventers but they can work wonders for improving a horse’s athleticism and a rider’s accuracy. Reiner Klimke was one of the most famous dressage riders in history and his daughter, Ingrid, is currently one of the top Eventing riders on the planet and they both endorse cavallettis. Learn which cavalletti exercises Ingrid uses to school her top eventers and practice them with your own mount to take your riding and your horse’s training to the next level.




3) 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider: Are you bored of riding circles and serpentines? This book has 101 different patterns and exercises to improve a vast variety of your horse’s training. Riding set exercises will make you a more accurate rider and help you better identify your horse’s shortcomings. Add this book to your collection to give yourself seemingly endless exercises to prepare you for any dressage test next season.



4) Common Sense Dressage: An Illustrated Guide by Sally O’Connor: Enjoy countless riding lessons with one of the world’s most respected international dressage judge and trainers, Sally O’Connor. This book is easy for riders of all levels to follow, with over 200 pictures and illustrations to help you understand the instructions outlined in this dressage bible. Read this incredibly educational book to take your knowledge of dressage up several levels.



5) Jane Savoie’s Dressage 101: The Ultimate Source of Dressage Basics in a Language You Can Understand: This popular training reference for dressage riders is an absolute must have. This book is actually a two for one deal, as it is a one-volume new edition of Jane’s best-selling books Cross-Train Your Horse and More Cross-Training. It provides a simple, riddle-free system of training that places a high priority on the horse’s physical and mental well-being. Add this critically acclaimed book to your collection to simplify dressage training.



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