2018 Bit of Britain’s Next Top Rider sponsorship quest is on – Do you have what it takes?


Bit of Britain is looking for three young riders to sponsor –  Do you have what it takes?

Last year, Bit of Britain’s Next Top Rider sponsorship opportunity debuted to astounding success and interest. After receiving a few hundred applicants, the sponsorship partnerships were awarded to these social media savvy riders.

We are thrilled to again bring you the chance for a sponsorship partnership in 2018. This year, the World Equestrian Games will be held in Tryon, North Carolina so this is a big year for Eventing in North America. Do you dream of riding in the big leagues? To get to the upper levels, you will need support along the way as it takes a village.

Bit of Britain is offering three young riders the chance to secure their first sponsorships. Read on and learn more about this great sponsorship opportunity and how this can give you the foundation for many sponsorships to come.

“Goals are reality based difficulties. …as the realities of the difficulties become clear to the naked eye, riders will start falling off the wagon. Some will discover boys, some will discover another sport, some will just give up. But some will hang on, and on, and on…And thousands of little kids will watch them, and thousands of little kids will build castles in the sky, and some of those little kids will structure goals beneath those dreams, and so, as the saying goes, ‘the race progresses.’”
Denny Emerson, How Good Riders Get Good

Read, and reread this quote. The riders Denny refers to are the riders we are looking for. Bit of Britain has been a part of the Eventing community for over 25 years. They have sponsored the likes of Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin, and now they are looking for the next generation. They are looking for the Next Top Rider.

Three riders will be signed to sponsorship contracts for the year of 2018. These will be the riders who best understand the role of sponsorship and will be responsible representatives of the Bit of Britain brand. Candidates should be active on social media and meet the following criteria.

Bit of Britain wants to hear from you, if you:

  • currently, have no major sponsorships;
  • are 25 years of age or younger;
  • are competing at Training level or above;
  • have social media accounts with loyal followers; and
  • are a resident of the USA or Canada.

Part 1
To be considered, you need to email a Blog or a Vlog (can be uploaded to YouTube included as a link via email) to NextTopRider@eventingconnect.today explaining why you would be a suitable sponsorship partner. Be creative and explain how you will use your social media accounts to endorse the Bit of Britain products that you will receive as part of your sponsorship package.

In your email you must include:

  1. Subject line: Application;
  2. Name;
  3. Age;
  4. Address;
  5. Highest level you have competed;
  6. Your social media links;
  7. Riding accomplishments you are proud of;
  8. Your goals for 2018; and
  9. Blog or Vlog (with link to YouTube) explaining why Bit of Britain should partner with you.

Entry deadline:
You must send your entry by Oct  12, 2017.



Part 2 – Announcement of 8 finalists
On Oct 17, 2017, Bit of Britain will announce 8 finalists here at Eventing Connect. Each finalist must then send one Blog or Vlog to be published on Eventing Connect over the course of October and November. The topics are wide open for you to write or talk about. Some examples but not limited to could be about your season, horses, lessons learned, your dreams, anything that will get the interest of fellow Eventers and Fans because they will be your audience. Your goal is to write, talk and record interesting aspects of your life (riding related and otherwise) that will make people want to read, watch, engage and share your story on social media.

Part 3 – Public voting
On Dec 1, 2017, public voting on the Blogs and Vlogs will begin, on Eventing Connect for the finalists. The public voting will end on Dec 12, 2017. The public voting will account for 50% of Bit of Britain’s sponsorship decision. Other considerations will include your social media following and your social media interaction from Oct 11, 2017 to Dec 12, 2017.

Part 4 – Sponsorship Announcement
On Jan 5, 2018, the sponsorships will be announced on Eventing Connect. Three riders with received sponsorships for three different values that will include a variety of products from which the riders can choose:

  • 1st place – Gold ($1500 USD),
  • 2nd place – Silver ($1000 USD)
  • 3rd place – Bronze ($500 USD)


Why such an emphasis on social media to acquire a sponsorship?
Sponsorship is not a charitable arrangement. Companies do not donate to athletes. Rather, they partner with athletes. Bit of Britain will help save you money by giving you products in exchange for your promotion of their products to your followers, friends and families.

Sponsorship is a business arrangement. Bit of Britain is providing an opportunity for three young riders to get the chance to work with a sponsor and learn the ins and outs of successfully forming this type of partnership. The skills and commitment learned here will start to brand you as a “professional athlete”. It will help others recognize you as a source of knowledge and expertise in Eventing. This will be the beginning for you to acquire more sponsors, owners and supporters for the future.

Eventers using social media will increase the exposure and visibility for our sport. Through your social media presence, you are connected to millions of people that are not part of Eventing.

Eventing lacks exposure on TV and media. You can help change that. By becoming active online, you will be able to reach many people and expose them to your sport and grow your followers that in turn can lead to more sponsors. The fans that you gain, will be connected to Eventing through you. Being a source of exposure for Eventing has tremendous benefits. One of them is that increasing the popularity of Eventing is increasing your own popularity. Sponsors want to work with popular riders with an established fan base through social media.

So don’t let this opportunity slide by. Start writing and recording and get your entry in. The time is now to secure your first sponsorship.

Think how exciting it would be to be named 2018 Bit of Britain’s Next Top Rider!

Start using the hashtag #BofBNextTopRider
Begin your campaign to become Bit of Britain‘s Next Top Rider. Make sure all of your social media posts demonstrate to Bit of Britain that you are a social media maven and that you understand your responsibility as a sponsored rider. #BofBNextTopRider

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