Friday’s Five – Makeup tips for dressage day

Female eventers tend to not wear makeup to the barn but on dressage day most of us love to look our best. At events we are usually tight for time, so it is important that you have your makeup organized and that you know exactly what you are doing.

Sorry boys, this post is not really for you…but there are a couple of tips about skin and lips that you may want to pay attention to.

1. Wear a foundation with SPF – A nice foundation will make your complexion look absolutely flawless and having an SPF in it will protect your skin from the UVB rays. As a rider you will spend a majority of your time outside so if you want to age gracefully, wearing some sort of SPF protection religiously is necessary. I use Lancôme Tient Idole Ultra 24H and I highly recommend it. It does not give my skin an orangey tinge like many foundations. It has a very light feeling on my skin. Remember, a good foundation should not be detectable, it must look natural.

2. Waterproof mascara – Emotions can run high on show day and there is always a chance of a freak rainstorm mid-dressage test. To avoid looking like a raccoon, make sure your mascara is waterproof. My mascara is my favourite thing in my makeup bag, having long, black, eyelashes will make you look super glamorous and sometimes we need that as we don’t get out much. I love Lancôme Defincils Waterproof mascara because the brush does a great job of separating lashes, giving you clump-free lashes.

3. Lip balm – Wearing a nice lip balm is ideal for dressage because brightly coloured lipsticks have a risk of smudging. You do not want to have a smudge of red lipstick across your teeth or chin when you head into the ring. I use Fiske’s 100% Organic Lip Balm and it keeps my lips from getting chapped while also giving my lips a nice glossy look. In fact, use this all day, every day.

4. Easy on the blush and blend, blend, blend – You can never blend too much. The more blending you do, the more natural your makeup will look. There is never a worse look than having a visible makeup line where people can see where your makeup begins and ends. Invest in some makeup sponges from your local pharmacy so you can apply your foundation like a professional. And easy on the blush ladies! Of course, you do not want to look so pale that people think you’re going to faint off of your horse, but do not give yourself clown cheeks!

5. Teeth whitening – Okay this is not makeup… But dressage your judge is humans and everyone appreciates a glistening white smile. I am a huge fan of Crest Whitening Strips – they are easy to use, yield noticeable results and are relatively affordable. You can use the 3D Whitestrips 1 Hour Express strips the night before your competition while you are cleaning tack to give you a perfect smile for the next day. These can be purchased at your local drug store as well.


You put a lot of effort into making your horse look like a million bucks, treat yourself well also. When you look good, you feel good and you will have a better test!

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