Top 10 dressage judge comments of 2017 so far


Top 10 dressage judge comments of 2017 so far

People from all over the world read, Tuesday’s Top 10 – Dressage judge comments scribes were NOT allowed to write in 2015.

Over the last two and a half years, many of our readers shared comments that HAVE actually made it onto dressage tests. There have been so many colourful dressage judge comments, we have enough gems for a series  – Dressage judge comments scribes did write. So far this series has been going for two years strong.

The dressage judges who let their scribes write these comments certainly were not sugar coating anything. Thank-you to all the riders who shared these hilarious, real life comments. Despite what a  judge writes on your test, this phase of Eventing remains interesting when the unexpected happens. Thank you to all the good sports who are sharing some of their most humiliating dressage moments with a sense of humour.

Here are the top 10 dressage judge comments scribes were allowed to write: 


“Screams for a plow.”

Dressage at Devon in the ’80s….. – Arlene McHale


“Unfortunate hormone blowout.”

Received while riding a young stallion at his first show in the spring. – Jennifer Parker


“Nice test on unbroken horse.”

– Jan Rae


“I’ll pray for you.”

A student received this after her horse was particularly naughty and acrobatic during a 4th level ride. -Jennifer Parker


“Horse alternates between angelic and evil. Very bravely ridden!

– Sharon Palmieri




“I hope your horse jumps better in the jumping phase.”

After a narrow escape from crossing the chain -Shannon Molloy


“Ride him less like a time bomb and more like an infinite ball of potential.”

I think the judge realized I was bothered more by the fire truck with the lights and sirens 100 feet from the ring than the horse was. – Amy Ekelman


“I think he was stung by a bee.”

As my cheeky 14hh pony did an extra lap of gallop that was not in the test. I might have believed them if he didn’t do it every time out! – Katy Mousdale


“Horse should be trained to be going at this level.”

Quite a comical test. I think I was laughing more than the judge. – Kari Tankersley


“Horse looks like it has to poop.”

On our high tailed Arabian mare. – Barbara Batson, Carousel Farms


If a judge made a colourful comment on your test please email us.

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