Is your horse sporting a crappy halter? Enter for a chance to win a custom Perri’s leather halter


Is your horse sporting a crappy halter? Enter for a chance to win a custom Perri’s leather halter

We are thrilled to partner with Perri’s Leather and bring you a monthly contest to celebrate horse names and have some fun.

For the next 10 months, you will have an opportunity to enter your horse’s unique name in a contest that will be judged by our readers. If our readers choose your horse’s name, you will win a beautiful ‘Amish made’ Perri’s leather halter with an engraved plate to show off your horse’s winning name.

Each month, the call for submissions will be based on a different theme.


‘J’ names – since June is on its way!
We are inviting you to submit your horse’s name if it has the letter ‘J’ in it.

Any horse name that has the letter ‘J’ in it will be accepted into the contest and it will be up to the readers to decide the most “Awesome J name.” Examples of names that would suit this contest are Junior, Banjo, Jack, Major, Nutjob, Jazzy, etc. The name just has to have the letter J in it somewhere.

All entries with the letter ‘J’ anywhere in the name will be accepted. The winner will be determined by the voting public.


Two ways to EASILY enter. Use email OR form below:



ENTRY FORM below and include:

  • your horse’s name; and
  • a picture that you have the rights to publish.

Enter contest here

Submission deadline: May 31st, 2017

June 5th to June 10th

Winner announcement:
June 12th

June theme announcement:
June 11th


The winning Spring themed horse name was…
With over 6,200 votes cast, our readers decided that Perriwinkle Blue has the coolest spring themed name. Congratulation to Bryony Whitby who will be able to sport Perriwinkle Blue around in a very fine ‘Amish made’ Perri’s leather halter with an engraved plate.

Perriwinkle Blue earned 4.95 star rating and 610 votes.


Get to know Perri’s Leather Products
Since 2000, Perri’s has been providing equestrian products and great value to riders through quality leather goods, (halters, bridles and training equipment).

Carrying a broad product line, Perri’s promises personalized service and prompt delivery of orders.

Perri’s is proud to be carried by over 850 retail stores in the United States as well as Canada so be sure to buy Perri’s at your local tack store.

Providing halters for top Eventers
Perri’s Leather is a proud sponsor of Buck Davidson. Give your horse the distinction of wearing the same halter that his amazing string of talent sports every day.

Buck and Perris

Visit Perri’s website to check out the cool products that you can order right now.

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