Friday’s Five – Baby products you need in your grooming arsenal

Sorry kid, those diapers are for my horse's hooves.


Friday’s Five – Baby products you need in your grooming arsenal

You might feel a bit uneasy navigating the baby aisle at a store if you are happily childless. But many products that work well on babies also work well on horses. Weird, I know but true. Before your next event swing by the baby section and stock up on these items that will make your grooming job a lot easier:

1) Baby powder – Did your horse manage to get a yucky stain on its white hind sock on the way to the event? Is your grey horse’s tail more like a palomino colour? Do your horse’s cross-country boots cause rubs? Baby powder is the answer to all of these dilemmas. Buy a big bottle of this magical white powder because with its multi-use capabilities you will end up going through it at a rapid rate.

2) Baby oil – Make your horse glisten in the show ring with the help of baby oil. Just use a towel or your hands (just make sure you do not wipe your hands on your bright white breeches afterwards) to apply it to your horse’s muzzle, ears, knees, hocks, and the top hairs of its tail. You can even apply some to your riding boots if you are in a pinch. There are no horsey products that rival the shine baby oil can put on your horse, especially for the equivalent cost.



3) Diapers – No, these are not for you to wear on cross-country. Diapers make hoof poulticing (not a real word but you get it) so easy that a baby could do it. Simply pack the foot with whatever suits your fancy (Epsom salts, Magic Cushion, etc.) cover the foot with a diaper and secure it with vet wrap. You can also vet wrap a diaper over top of a foot without any poultice to protect your horse’s hoof when it loses a shoe.

4) Baby wipes – These are perfect for cleaning up nearly any messy situation. Remove a manure stain quickly from your horse, clean off your show boots before you head into the ring, fix your make up if it gets smudged, etc. Remember that the event you forget to pack baby wipes will be the one you REALLY wish you had them.

5) Vaseline – This stuff is great for preventing bit rubs, spur rubs, and basically any other type of rub your horse is prone to getting. Your horse will thank you for applying a few dollops of Vaseline to keep it rub free. Plus like baby oil, you can also apply it to your horse’s muzzle and ears to make them shine.

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