2017 New Zealand eventing squads announced

Mark Todd & NZB Campino.


2017 New Zealand eventing squads announced

The High Performance Squad

Let’s just start off by whining that there is still no inclusion of Andrew Nicholson despite an amazing 2016 season!

So with that out of the way….the Kiwis still have so amazing talent.

Aiming for the upcoming 2018 World Equestrian Games, this squad consists of nine combinations from riders Sir Mark Todd, Tim and Jonelle Price, Blyth Tait, Clarke Johnstone and Caroline Powell.

Todd is on with his 2012 London Olympic Games team bronze medal-winning horse NZB Campino, who has four top 10 CCI4* finishes to his credit and his 2016 Olympic mount Leonidas II who finished 7th in Rio and 4th at Badminton last year.

Jonelle Price has Classic Moet, who was fourth individual at the 2014 World Equestrian Games and has had three top 10 CCI4* finishes, including third at Burghley in 2016. She is also on squad with her Rio Olympic Games horse Faerie Dianimo, who was also second at Luhmuhlen CCI4* in 2015 and fourth at Pau CCI4* in 2014.

Tim Price has his Rio horse on squad in Ringwood Sky Boy, who was fourth at both Burghley and Luhmuhlen last year and second at Burghley in 2015. He has also been named with Bango who has competed at both Burghley and Kentucky.

Rio reserve Blyth Tait is in with Bear Necessity V who has completed Burghley, Badminton and Pau. Clarke Johnstone, New Zealand’s best-placed individual at Rio, is on squad with Balmoral Sensation, who was fifth on début at Badminton and third at Adelaide. Caroline Powell re-joins the squad with Onwards and Upwards, who placed eighth at Burghley last year.

The High Performance Futures Squad

Replacing the former High Performance Accelerator Squad, this squad consists of combinations that have proven 3* performances in an international field, with the potential to podium in an international 3* field.  These combinations are aiming for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

This squad includes Jonelle Price and Cloud Dancer, Tim Price and Xavier Faer, Sir Mark Todd and Kiltubrid Rhapsody, Jesse Campbell with both Cleveland and Amsterdam 21, Dan Jocelyn and Dassett Cool Touch and Jock Paget aboard Angus Blue.

The new Future Potential Recognition Group

Recognizing riders with the skill, knowledge and expertise to produce a horse to high performance level, who are actively training and competing horses of future potential but are yet to attain the performances required of the High Performance Squads, this squad includes:

Lucy Jackson, James Avery, Lizzie Green, Neil Spratt, Megan Heath, Donna Edwards-Smith, Joe Meyer, Amanda Pottinger, Samantha Felton and Ginny Thomson.

These riders will be provided with the opportunity to attend squad trainings and events where capacity allows with targeted horses.

The Performance Program

Evolving significantly over the past three years under the leadership of Penny Castle, this program continues to consist of the Talent ID and Talent Development squads. The Performance Program is targeted at New Zealand-based riders only, given the significant camp-based component of these programs.

Named in the Talent Development Squad are Abby Lawrence, Andy Daines, Tayla Mason, Sarah Young and Ashleigh McKinstry, while on the Talent ID Squad are Abigail Long, Danielle Wheeler, Jackson Bovill, Vicky Browne-Cole, Renee Faulkner, Beth Wilson and Lucy Turner.

ESNZ high performance director Sarah Dalziell-Clout says there is plenty to be excited about with the naming of the squads. “Our Performance Selectors were particularly impressed with the number and quality of applications received for the Talent ID Squad” she said.

The Talent ID Squad is announced just once a year, but the remaining squads will be reconsidered around June.

“We’ll all be watching the next five months of performance with interest as there are a number of riders sitting just outside the parameters of some of the squads who could see themselves included in a squad in June.”

Dalziell-Clout also paid tribute to the selectors “Selection takes a lot of time, due diligence and effort from our selectors, so I thank Bill (Phiskie), Judy (Bradwell), Cindy (Llewellyn), Mitty (Forsyth) and Vicki (Glynn) for their knowledge, input and time.”

Click here for more information on the Performance Pathway or the Selection Criteria

The squads are (* denotes current short-term injury):

High Performance Squad

  • Sir Mark Todd – NZB Campino owned by New Zealand Bloodstock and Todd
  • Sir Mark Todd – Leonidas II owned by Diane Brunsden, Peter Cattell and Todd
  • Jonelle Price – Classic Moet owned by Trisha Rickards and Price
  • Jonelle Price – Faerie Dianimo* owned by Trisha Rickards, Jacky Green and Price
  • Tim Price – Ringwood Sky Boy owned by Robert Taylor, Varenna Allen, Price and selwood.com)
  • Tim Price – Bango owned by Numero Uno Syndicate
  • Blyth Tait – Bear Necessity V owned by Ronnie Bartlett and Tait
  • Clarke Johnstone – Balmoral Sensation owned by the Johnstone family
  • Caroline Powell – Onwards and Upwards owned by Cameron and Mary Crawford and Powell

High Performance Futures Squad

  • Jonelle Price – Cloud Dancer* owned by the Marley and Me Syndicate
  • Tim Price –  Xavier Faer owned by Trisha Rickards and Price
  • Sir Mark Todd – Kiltubrid Rhapsody owned by Niki Ryan and Dr Elizabeth Donald
  • Jesse Campbell – Cleveland owned by Jesse Campbell
  • Jesse Campbell – Amsterdam 21* owned by Gary Harding
  • Dan Jocelyn – Dassett Cool Touch owned by Therese Miller and Jocelyn
  • Jock Paget – Angus Blue owned by Joe Gianamore

Future Potential Recognition Squad

  • Lucy Jackson
  • James Avery
  • Megan Heath
  • Lizzie Green
  • Neil Spratt
  • Donna Edwards-Smith
  • Amanda Pottinger
  • Joe Meyer
  • Samantha Felton
  • Ginny Thomson

Talent Development Squad

  • Abby Lawrence
  • Andy Daines
  • Tayla Mason
  • Sarah Young
  • Ashleigh McKinstry

Talent ID Squad

  • Abigail Long
  • Danielle Wheeler
  • Jackson Bovill
  • Vicky Browne-Cole
  • Renee Faulkner
  • Beth Wilson
  • Lucy Turner

Press release from Equestrian Sports New Zealand


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