Horseshoe art that will make you start hoarding old shoes


Horseshoe art that will make you start hoarding old shoes

Horseshoes – Something that every horse owner spends hundreds to thousands of dollars on a year. Farrier bills are never small but as the saying goes, ‘no hoof, no horse,” so riders are content to dish out huge sums of money on their horses’ routine pedicures. Typically your horse will need new shoes every several months, once their old ones wear out. You probably just chuck the old shoes in the trash but you might want to reconsider this. Horseshoes can be repurposed into beautiful and practical works of art with some welding skills. After scrolling to the bottom of this page, you’ll be reading Welding For Dummies and scavenging for old horseshoes…


This super cute butterfly.

Butterfly #metalartwork #coloredhorsearts #localrenoart #horseshoeart #horseshoebutterfly #butterfly

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The world’s coolest cake stand. #EverybodyLovesCake


Drink coatster you’d actually want to use.


Every rider needs this.


This too…


This one even holds glasses!

This would look perfect outside of any barn.


Practical and awesome.


Super cool.

Cowboy candle holder #scrapmetalart #metalsculpture #horseshoeart #cowboycandles #candleholder

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For the fancy wine drinkers.

Custom Wine Bottle Holder!

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Every horse needs one of these.

Bespoke horseshoe stable door sign #sign #horseshoe #horse #horseshoeart

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Doorbells are overrated.


Better than anything you’d find at Staples…


For the chef in your life.

Spice racks available #horseshoeart #horseshoe #oldsouth #forgediron #handmade #rusticdecor #rustic

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Keep your entrance way tidy.

CSC Horseshoe boot rack!!! Holds 4 pairs of boots!!! FOR SALE $80.00 #customfabrication #welding #horseshoeart

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I’m not an American but I have to admit that this is pretty badass.

Finished product so happy with how it turned out #horseshoeart #americanflag

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For experienced welders only…

A horse made out of horse shoes! #iowa #hotelrenovo #horseshoeart

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