Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Courtney Sherbine


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Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Courtney Sherbine

Today’s featured rider is Courtney Sherbine, a 20-year-old professional who is working her way up the levels.

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Get to know Courtney
I was born in Florida where I have currently remained to develop my business in training and selling OTTBs. I’m currently 20-years-old and began riding when I was around four, when I discovered my love for horses. I began riding and competing with a Hunter/Jumper barn, and at age 13 made the move to Eventing after watching “Inside Eventing”; a TV show following the O’Connor Event Team. I’m currently competing at Training level with plans to move up quickly during the 2017 season. I’ve always dreamed of competing at the CCI4* level, and becoming a reputable trainer in the Eventing industry.


Courtney’s Horse Power
I currently have four personal horses, and always have a few sales horses in my barn! My retired guy, Funny Bone, is the first OTTB I’ve ever purchased along with being my first event horse. We learned the ropes of eventing together and he taught me how to be confident and quick on cross-country. Calypso Bay is one of my newest additions; He is a 7-year-old 17.1h OTTB who had very little training when I purchased him. We are now schooling Preliminary and will be attending the Mary King clinic this year! I’ve also got two girls (2-year-old and 4-year-olds), who are about to start training and will be making their debut in Beginner Novice and Future Event Horse shows  this upcoming season.



At age 13 I decided to pursue riding and training horses as a career, and since then have worked for reputable trainers such as Lisa Giltner, Maren Foster, and Hilda Donahue. I currently train with Heidi Erickson, She is an accomplished Olympic Dressage rider and Dressage judge who also competed at Rolex in Eventing as well! I have been training with her for about a year now. After graduating high school, I decided to train, sell, and compete horses full time and am about to move to Ocala to further my training in all aspects and to be closer to trainers and schooling venues.

Influence and inspiration
I’d say the most influential and inspiring person to me would have to be Boyd Martin. Boyd has such an amazing story and has overcome so much in his life to get where he is. He has given up everything to come to the USA, overcame losing horses and his facility in a barn fire, multiple injuries between him and Silva, and he still keeps going at the top of his game. I have always had to produce my own horses, and have had a lot of hard times in my riding career, Boyd’s story reminds me to keep going and stay determined. I have never had a backup plan for my career; it’s always an amazing feeling to know it’s possible.


Most embarrassing Eventing moment
My most embarrassing moment would have to be when I was going cross-country at Rocking Horse HT for a previous horse’s first show, he was still a little nervous about the jumps and we had a refusal on this simple jump and as I did my circle to try again my saddle started slipping to the side! I guess I didn’t check my girth before starting and the whole saddle slipped under his belly while jumping – I fell and my air vest didn’t go off until after I hit the ground; After all that, my horse took off running with the saddle underneath him and had to be caught and brought back to me, my saddle tree ended up breaking and one of my stirrups and leathers was lost on the field! Lesson learned.

Most triumphant Eventing moment
My most triumphant moment of the past year has to be partnering horses with the perfect owners and seeing how nicely I have produced these OTTBs. Sometimes I have doubts of my producing capabilities but it makes my day anytime someone tells me how nice my horses go, how well behaved they are, or how nice of a rider they think I am! I have now produced multiple hot off the track horses into sane well rounded adult amateur horses.

Best of luck this season Courtney! 


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