Let’s play a game – Navigating the NEW and not improved Equine Canada website


Let’s play a game – Navigating the NEW and not improved Equine Canada website

Equine Canada Equestrian Canada finally has a brand new website. In case you missed the big news, Canada’s national equestrian federation, Equine Canada, has rebranded and they are now Equestrian Canada.

Not only did they change their name, they also have a new website and logo. The old website was outdated and challenging to find things on but Equestrian Canada has built a sexy new website that will make you want to rip your hair out and eat it because it is even more frustrating than the old one.

I hope they did not pay much for it because they are always crying poor and the navigation and search ability would be grounds for the entire project team getting fired if they worked in the private sector.

If a line of text doesn’t fit, who cares? It can just disappear off the page. Who needs to find boring old dressage tests when you can just look at how awesome the menu bars open.

On a more serious note, lets help one another out by playing a game. Yes, a game. Let’s try to find essential information on the new and unimproved Equestrian Canada website. Whoever submits working links to the following information first, can claim the title of the most proficient person involved in anything Equestrian Canada. Everyone who submits links will be entered in a draw for a very cool Eventing Connect jacket.

Start finding links if you want a shot at winning your own Eventing Connect jacket...

Start finding links if you want a chance to win your own Eventing Connect jacket…


1) National Eventing dressage tests – Because knowing what movements to do in the white sandbox is a good way to start your event.

2) Equestrian Canada Eventing rulebook – Just in case you find yourself in a fight with a TD regarding a rule.

3) 2016 Eventing Omnibus – It is always nice to know which events you can enter.

4) How to get an FEI passport – God forbid you show up to an FEI event sans passport because your national federation is impossible.

5) Information on how to become an Eventing official (Technical Delegate, Course Designer, etc.) – You wouldn’t want to publish this anywhere obvious and give current officials some competition.

6) A list of coaches with their coaching certifications – The sport is really going to grow in the right direction if riders cannot even find proper coaching.

7) BONUS round link – Find the 2016 Rio Olympic Criteria….. Oh wait, that’s CLASSIFIED.


Can you find all seven six links? Or has Equestrian Canada really outdone themselves and have a created new way of keeping the membership out of the loop and everything a deep dark secret.

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