Marilyn Little and Michael Jung are both winners on different horsepower. Check out the breeding of their victorious mounts.

Marilyn Little on RF Scandalous & Michael Jung on La Biosthetique Sam – FBW

In 2015, Michael Jung (GER) has won 11 FEI events  and Marilyn Little (USA) is close behind, winning 10 FEI events.

Most people do not win this many FEI events in a lifetime, let alone in three-quarters of a year. The majority of Michael’s wins have been at the three and four-star level, while Marilyn’s wins have been primarily at the two and three-star level.

With Marilyn, we cannot forget that she has only been Eventing since 2010. Her success and wins are the result of only five years in Eventing. It will be fascinating to follow Marilyn’s mounts to see how they progress up the levels. It will be equally interesting to watch how Michael’s younger rides mature.

I am always intrigued by those few Eventers that are able to win on multiple horses. There are many who tend to be “one horse wonders” and they can never repeat their success. This year, Michael and Marilyn have emerged victorious on a variety of mounts at all the levels. In addition to winning Eventing careers, they both have very successful FEI show-jumping careers. As a result of being multi-discipline professionals, these riders have exposure to many types of horses. Despite the fact they have winning in common, they both choose very different horses. Check out the breeding for their top FEI Eventing mounts.

FEI Eventing mounts

Michael competes seven FEI horses:

  • 1 one-star horse (fischerIncantas)
  • 2 two-star horses (fischerRicona, Der Dante)
  • 2 three-star horses (fischerTakinou, Halunke FBW)
  • 2 four-star horses (fischerRocana FST, La Biosthetique Sam – FBW)

Marilyn competes six FEI horses:

  • 5 three-star horses (RF Tobasco, RF Scandalous, RF West Indie, RF Overdressed, RF Quarterman)
  • 1 four-star horse (RF Demeter)


How much Thoroughbred blood?

Michael seems to gravitate towards horses with a relatively high percentage of Thoroughbred blood.

La Biosthetique – Sam FBW, BADWU, 15-years old, 4*LA BIOSTHETIQUE - SAM FBW

FISCHERrocana FST, SATHU, 10-years old, 4*Fischerrocana FST

Halunke FBW, BADWU, 11-years old, 3*HALUNKE FBW


FISCHERricona, SATHU, 8-years old, 2*Fischerrocana

Der Dante, Trak., 9-years old, 2*Der Dante

FISCHERincantas, Holst., 6-years old, 1*Fischerincantas


Marilyn is obviously not concerned with Thoroughbred blood when choosing her rides.

RF Demeter, Oldbg, 13-years old, 4*

RF Demeter

RF West Indie, Hann., 8-years old, 3*

RF West Indie

RF Overdressed, Hann., 8-years old, 3*

RF Overdressed

RF Tobasco, Trak., 15-years old, 3*

RF Tobasco

RF Quarterman, OS – Springpferdezuchtverband Oldenburg-International, 7-years old, 3*

RF Quarterman

RF Scandalous, Oldbg, 10-years old, 3*

RF Scandalous


Shared bloodlines

Famous Thoroughbred stallion, Heraldik xx shows up in four of their combined 13 horses.

Sired by Heraldik

  • Halunke FBW (Michael)
  • RF Tobasco (Marilyn)

Dam sired by Heraldik

  • La Biosthetique Sam – FBW (Michael)
  • RF West Indie (Marilyn)


The unbeatable two-star horse – RF Scandalous
Marilyn and RF Scandalous won all five of the two-star level events they contested this year, including the gold medal at the Pan American Games. This spectacular mare is only 49.22% Thoroughbred, less than any one of Michael’s horses. Over the weekend, this pair stormed to a second place finish at the Plantation Field International CIC3*. All eyes are on this mare to see how she develops as a three and maybe even four-star horse.

Will blood matter?
For Marilyn, the TB factor has not seemed to influence her results up to the three-star level. Marilyn has not won a four-star yet and Michael has won numerous titles. Will her horses continue to win to the top level of the sport? Only time will tell.

However, if you are looking for a winning horse and you find one you like, do not get hung up on how much blood they have. Marilyn and Michael are proof that you can have a slew of wins regardless of your horse’s breeding.


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