Facts and Stats: Burghley 2009-2014

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If you love Eventing trivia, we have lots to share. Our resident Eventing Geek is in the process of building an Eventing database that will continually bring you all sorts of useless Eventing information. Eventing Connect’s latest toy, brings to you our second edition of Facts and Stats – Burghley 2009-2014:



  • Since 2009, 455 starters have tried to conquer this four-star track.
  • 238 starters have been women, 217 have been men.

burghley starter chart


  • The completion rate is an impressive 62%, with 284 finishers.
  • 153 women finished (64%), 131 men finished (60%).

starter burghley breakdown chart

Rider with the most starts
Andrew Nicholson (NZL) has more starts than any other rider with 12. He has only failed to finish once which was in 2009, when he was eliminated on cross-country with Nereo. Andrew has won aboard Avebury the last three years.

Horses with the most starts
Sidnificant, ridden by Clare Lewis, and Skip On, ridden by Sarah Stretton both have had six starts. For the last six years, they have both completed Burghley successfully. Sidnificant and Clare had their best placing in 2012, finishing 15th and Sarah and Skip On had their’s in 2010, placing 16th. Sarah will is competing Skip On this week but Clare and Sidnificant are not entered in this year’s Burghley.


  • 11 riders have delivered tests below 40.
  • Lowest dressage score was Sinead Halpin (USA) on Manoir De Carneville with 36.3 in 2012. They finished in 2nd place on a 48.3 after dropping three rails in show jumping.
  • Dressage Kings – Jock Paget (NZL), William Fox-Pitt (GBR) and Oliver Townend (GBR) are the only riders to score in the 30s multiple times. They have each had two scores in the 30s.
  • Highest dressage score was Georgie Spence (GBR) on Bow House Mandalin with a score of 87.3. They withdrew after dressage.

Cross-country and show jumping

  • Only 3% of the starters have ever made time on cross-country with 17 pairs in total managing to beat the clock.
  • The only North Americans to make time are Sinead Halpin (USA) riding Manoir De Carneville and Boyd Martin (USA) riding Neville Bardos.
  • A reasonable 38% of the starters have finished without cross-country jumping penalties, with 176 duos making it around with clear jumping.
  • Only 8% of the starters have managed to deliver double clear show jumping rounds with only 36 riders keeping the poles in the cup and not getting a time penalty.


  • The lowest final score was Caroline Powell (NZL) riding Lenamore in 2010, winning on 38.7.
  • The highest final score was Sidney Dufresne (FRA) riding Gros Bonnet, with 189.0. Not an ideal score but they joined the 284 finishers.

Top 10

  • 10% (24) of the female starters finished in the top 10
  • 16% (35) of the male starters finished in the top 10
Andrew Nicholson, 53, on Avebury winning the 2014 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials for the third year in a row. CREDIT: Libby Law COPYRIGHT: LIBBY LAW PHOTOGRAPHY - NZL

Andrew Nicholson, 53, on Avebury winning the 2014 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials for the third year in a row.


  • Andrew Nicholson has earned the most wins, claiming the title in 2012, 2013 and 2014 aboard Avebury.
  • Only one woman has won in the past six years; Caroline Powell and Lenamore in 2009.


North American bits of info:

  • 29 North Americans have started; 6 Canadians and 23 Americans.
  • The completion rate for North Americans is 59% which is slightly below the event’s average.
  • Highest placing American is Sinead Halpin with Manoir De Carneville, finishing 2nd in 2012.
  • Highest placing Canadian is Rebecca Howard with Riddle Master, finishing 11th in 2013.


Laine Ashker (USA) and Anthony Patch have made the trip to Burghley this year.

Best of luck this weekend, to Laine Ashker (USA) and Anthony Patch along with all the other North American riders who have made the trek to Burghley!


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