Tuesday’s Top 10 – Eventing movies you must see


It’s been a few years since Michael Jung’s retirement from stripping. However, the former dancer misses the excitement and feeling of being on stage. His horses dancing in the dressage ring and the adrenaline rush on cross-country, just does not give him the same thrill. Now, he is torn between taking his horses to the Burghley CCI4* or going to the world’s largest stripper convention. Will Mike be able to resist taking it off again?


WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

Check in every Tuesday for our Top 10 list that could feature just about anyone or anything related to Eventing. No rider, owner, coach, or nation is off limits.


Zara-Princess Diaries
Despite her royal lineage, Zara cares only about gold medals, not a gold crown.



Phoenix - Little Miss Sunshine
She brings good will and charm wherever she competes. For the feel good movie of the year, Jess’s attitude rules.



nick & Collette - how_to_lose_a_RIDE_in_ten_days_xlg
It was a Chilli Morning when a Grand Manoeuvre by fickle owners decided to move Nick’s four-star horse to another rider. It was not the first ride lost, hopefully it will be the last.



One of the greatest riders with some serious grit, there’s something about watching Mary on cross-country. Sometimes, she also has interesting helmet hair. What products does she use?



Mark Todd-Bat Man poster
Eventers breathed a sigh of relief when the double gold medalist hung up his boots, giving them a chance to finish on top. Just when they were getting too comfortable, the Dark “Knighted” Sir,  returned. Toddman continues to steal ribbons away from undeserving riders and he alone makes the Eventing world up its game, once again.



Ludwig-50 shades of bay

One peek in Ludwig’s trailer and a girl can’t help but conjure up images of what the ropes, the whips, the leather and spurs may mean. The only thing we know for sure is he likes bays. Does that mean that a brunette would trump a blonde?



George Morris-Forest Gump


Sharp-tongued, George Morris intimidates riders with his no nonsense style. Rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest riders in North America he has a way of making even the best feel inadequate. “Stupid is as stupid does”, just one of the famous lessons you may learn watching this informative flick.



Despite delivering top results for their countries, Carter and Nicholson have been cast aside by their National Federations. Left with no choice, these two will start their own country.  New Canzealand is the newest nation where home breds rule, vets behave, and selectors are held accountable.



After being the highest placed Frenchmen at the 2014 WEG, a sinister plot was put in motion to disqualify Maxime and his horse. The culprits remain at large, leaving behind a horse full of Ace and evil threatening letters. “Ace” Ventura can help you solve your doping mysteries, check out this flick for hot tips.


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