Dressage judge comments scribes did write


People from all over the world read, Tuesday’s Top 10 – Dressage judge comments scribes were NOT allowed to write. Many of our readers shared comments that HAVE actually made it onto dressage tests. The Dressage judges who let their scribes write these comments, certainly were not sugarcoating anything. Thank-you to all the riders who shared these hilarious, real life comments. Remember no matter what a judge writes on your test, Dressage would be less boring if everyone’s tests had as much pizzaz your tests have.


Dressage judge comments scribes were allowed to write:


“This horse is not suited for Dressage.”

Abigail Hart


“Horse and rider doing a different test today?”

– Andrea Lewis


“Your horse has a nice tail.”

Ally Sillers



Dulce Wassil


“Flying change halt – new movement?”

– Andrea Lewis


“Well the rider did the flying changes.”

Jeanine Allred


“That’s the biggest 10 metre circle I’ve ever seen.”

Suzanna Curtis


“Exciting moments.”,

– Andrea Lewis


“Sadly outgrown.”

Ingrid George


“Tactfully ridden”

– Andrea Lewis


“Perhaps you should try to lunge your horse prior to showing.”

Susan Hallenberg


“Slightly wild.”

– Suzanna Curtis


“Rider tired, horse not so much”

Andrea Lewis


“Airs above ground is not required at this level.”

Cheryl Muirson


If a judge made a colourful comment on your test please email us.


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