Tuesday’s Top 10 – Dressage judge comments scribes were NOT allowed to write


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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Dressage judge comments scribes were NOT allowed to write

10. The letters are there to help you navigate your test, not teach us the the alphabet.

9. The rodeo is next week.

8. You are too fat for your horse.

7. Don’t quit your non-horse job.

6. Bad riding or bad horse, too close to call.

5. You obviously failed geometry class, you don’t even know what a circle is.

4. Go home, sell your horse and quit riding.

3. If your horse is going to show me his belly, clean off the pee stains.

2. That horse needs a career change…he may be more suited as glue.

1. It’s called “sitting trot” not “sit and flop”.


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