Friday’s Five – Reasons these breeches are bringing sexy back

White breeches have a magical way of looking unflattering on even the sleekest figures. Put them on a more common body type and you have a, “Why can we not do dressage in black breeches?!” meltdown in the change room. Buying new breeches was never fun and I always had to get new ones because saddles have a way of staining breeches. Until I found my soul-mate in the form of breeches. I discovered them three years ago and have not pulled on another type of breeches since.

Behold, Kerrits Cross Over Fullseat Breech.


To make this simple here are five reasons why I love them:

1. Made with material that is stretchy and breathable BUT keeps its shape and doesn’t reveal every dimple on my butt/thighs.

2. White breeches with a black fullseat. No more questionable brown saddle oil and dirt stains.

3. Fullseat provides enough grip that you don’t feel at risk of slipping off but not so much that they start to rub you as you move about and your breeches remain stuck to the saddle.

4. You can wash them in a washing machine and they have no leather or suede bits on them that need special care.

5. They are $119.00 so you do not have to sell a kidney to afford them!


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