Tuesday’s Top 10 – Activities that will get you kicked off the show grounds

WARNING: As awkwardly quiet as it can get during dressage tests, don't scream these facts out with a megaphone.

WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

Check in every Tuesday for our Top 10 list that could feature just about anyone or anything related to Eventing. No rider, owner, coach, or nation is off limits.


Tuesday’s Top 10 – Activities that will get you kicked off the show grounds

10. Commentating over your own megaphone beside the dressage ring.

9. Warming up in the barn aisles when it is raining.

8. Lining up at the food truck mounted on your horse.

7. Throwing rocks at the dressage judge in her car.

6. Starting a campfire at your trailer to roast marshmallows.

5. Randomly untying horses at their trailers.

4. Sunbathing nude on the top of your trailer between rides.

3. Swatting a fly off of the bit-check lady with your crop.

2. Jumping over a baby stroller on the way to warm-up.

1. Chasing dogs on horseback with a lasso.

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