Spotted: Horse husband in action

Horse-husband in training, Eric, films his fiancee Jackie as she schools cross-country.

After an enthusiastic response to my “Horse-broken Husband” article, I was delighted to see another future horse hubby in action this past Sunday while schooling at the Florida Horse Park.

The scene: I had a green horse ready to meet the cross-country stage for the first time.  In the interest of my safety and the green horse’s sanity, I coaxed my dear horse hubby (DHH) to come along on my 22-year-old saintly retired one-star horse. DHH’s riding skills consist of holding the saddle horn, holding the reins, and mildly insisting the horse mosey in an intended direction at slow speed.  Saintly retired one-star horse occasionally takes advantage of the limited playbook and wanders off course, but can always be trusted to use good judgment (sometimes better than his rider, speaking from experience!) and be safe in any situation.

As we were meandering towards the water, DHH was thrilled to spot another of his species in action.  Off in the distance, a devoted horse husband (actually fiancee) trailed his cross-country-jumping wife on a cute palomino QH.  He dutifully manned the camera and offered encouragement as she rode over a variety of novice fences.

We weren't the only set of significant others on course!  Jackie and her fiancee Eric enjoyed a day together at the Florida Horse Park.

We weren’t the only set of significant others on course! Jackie and her fiancee Eric enjoyed a day together at the Florida Horse Park.

DHH was slightly jealous of the well-mannered palomino, whom appeared to be very obedient and patient for his rider (who, admittedly, seemed more experienced in the saddle than my DHH).  Saintly retired one-star horse occasionally behaved as horses do…wiggling during filming, wandering in the opposite direction, or not halting promptly when asked, causing for moments of frustration.  Sorry honey…they do that sometimes!

My little green horse finished the day on a good note, and I was so proud to have DHH along with me sharing in the moment.  To his credit, he did not complain (about the heat, the bugs, his stubborn horse, or that he could have been fishing…) and insisted that he actually enjoyed it.  Even better, it was good for him to see he wasn’t alone–it was fantastic to meet another loyal significant other out there, doing his best to keep up with his beloved while chasing her dream.


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