Facts and Stats: Luhmühlen 2009 – 2014

Tim Price and Wesko.


If you love Eventing trivia, we have lots to share. Our resident Eventing Geek is in the process of building an Eventing database that will continually bring you all sorts of useless Eventing information. To roll out Eventing Connect’s latest toy, we bring you our first edition of Facts and Stats – Luhmühlen 2009-2014:


Canadian history being made this weekend
Rebecca Howard will be the first Canadian to attempt the Luhmuhlen CCI4*. This will be Rebecca and Riddle Master’s first four-star since 2014 Badminton. We are cheering them on in proud Canadian fashion.



  • Since 2009, 266 starters have tried to conquer this four-star track.
  • 102 starters have been women, 164 have been men.

number of starters final



  • Only 168 have completed the competition.
  • 63 women finished, 105 men finished.


Rider with the most starts
Andrew Nicholson (NZL) has more starts than any other rider with 10. He won on Mr. Cruise Control in 2013. He was eliminated once, and that happened in 2013 as well, riding Qwanza.

Horse with the most starts
Mr. Cruise Control has had more starts than any other horse, with a total of four. This 2013 Luhmuhlen champion also placed 4th in 2010, 14th in 2011, and 26th in 2012.



  • 19 riders have delivered tests below 40.
  • Lowest dressage score was Lucinda Fredericks (AUS) on Flying Finish with 31.8 in 2012. They finished in 2nd place on a 42 after adding time on cross-country and stadium.
  • Highest dressage score was surprisingly Bettina Hoy (GER) on Lanfranco in 2013 with an 80.8. They withdrew after dressage. After her divorce from Andrew, she lost Lanfranco in the divorce settlement. She described “Frankie” as her “soulmate”.


Cross-country and show-jumping

  • Only 10% of the starters have ever made time on cross-country with 26 riders in total managing to beat the clock.
  • Only 6% of the starters have managed to deliver clear show-jumping rounds with only 17 riders keeping the poles in the cup and not getting a time penalty.



  • The lowest final score was Michael Jung (GER) riding Leopin FST in 2012, winning on 36.8.
  • The highest final score was Aistis Vitkauskas (LTU) riding AK’s Galloper, with 165.3. Not a great scoring day, but they did join the 168 finishers in the past six years.

Top 10

  • 20% of the female starters finished in the top 10
  • 30% of the male starters finished in the top 10


Michael Jung has the most wins:

  • 2009 riding La Biosthetique – Sam FBW
  • 2012 riding Leopin FST

Only one woman has won in the past six years; Sharon Hunt (GBR) riding Tanker’s Town in 2010.


Stay tuned for more Luhmühlen coverage throughout the week. We have Libby Law on site taking pictures and other spectators providing us with interesting updates.

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