Update – Mighty Nice back at Phillip Dutton’s farm

In exactly one week dressage at Rolex will be kicking off!!!! - Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice at the 2015 Rolex.

Phillip Dutton withdrew Mighty Nice (aka Happy) before the second jog-up because despite sitting in seventh place after cross-country, adding only 3.2 time penalties to their dressage score, Happy was sore after scraping his stifle on course.

Updates on Phillip’s Facebook page say Happy was scheduled for surgery today at Penn Vet New Bolton Center, to remove a small bone chip from his stifle in a routine procedure. But fortunately when they X-rayed the stifle today prior to surgery the vets decided that because the bone chip is outside the joint, it should heal well without surgery. This is awesome news and Happy is now back at Phillip’s farm and will be enjoying three weeks of rest and his prognosis remains excellent.

“We are so grateful to everyone for sending your well wishes and good thoughts to Happy. They definitely worked!”


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