Five lessons you can learn from Laine Ashker


Laine Ashker is so much more than a pretty face. She is one of the top eventers in the United States, despite being thrown some curveballs throughout her career. If you want to be a more successful eventer, cooler person, and focused person, than take notes from how this woman does life.

5. How to take a damn good selfie. Just study this woman’s Instagram, she is basically the selfie goddess of the Eventing world. She can even take beautiful photos of herself when she has a broken arm and dislocated elbow. With over 8,500 Instagram followers, she is the Eventer that owns this category.

She should do make-up tutorial videos. #TeachUsYourWays

She should do make-up tutorial videos. #TeachUsYourWays

4. Never jog up in a mediocre outfit. It is impossible to find a picture of her looking substandard at a jog-up, because she never has. Treat that jog-up strip like a runway ladies and gentlemen!

Even when her horse takes her on a detour off the 'runway' she still owns those heels!

Even when her horse takes her on a detour off the ‘runway’ she still owns those heels!

3. Spend some time doing straight dressage. Riding to her personal best CCI4* dressage score of a 44.2 at Rolex 2015.  Laine credits her success in the white boarded sandbox to her riding straight dressage. She has been riding two levels above the equivalent of CCI4* dressage, at the Intermediate 1 level on Anne Wilson’s horse Santiago del Escarvido, an Andalusian gelding. Dressage queen, selfie queen, jog-up queen… I think we are seeing a theme here.

2. “I was a little emotional. I try not to let my highs get too high and my lows get too low, but it’s been a long time coming,” said Laine after being asked about what brought on her tears of joy following her flawless dressage test at Rolex on Anthony Patch. This quote should be the Eventers’ motto. With the lows and the occasional high, to keep your sanity you have to work to stay somewhere in the middle.

1. Never give up on your goals, no matter how horrendous things seem at certain points in time. Lainey lost her beloved young rider horse, Frodo Baggins, at Rolex in 2008 in a tragic accident on cross-country. She was also badly injured in the fall breaking her jaw, ribs and clavicle, and her lungs also collapsed in the accident. But despite suffering such heartbreak, that most people could not understand unless they walked in her shoes, she was able to keep her focus on riding and since then has had three successful runs at Rolex aboard her OTTB, Anthony Patch.

The Laine Ashkers of the sport are the ones we can all focus on when things don’t go as planned. She keeps it fun, classy and competitive.

Laine and Anthony Patch delighted the crowd at this year's Rolex, by being the first pair to keep the poles in the cups.

Laine and Anthony Patch delighted the crowd at this year’s Rolex, by being the first pair to keep the poles in the cups.


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