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Have you ever missed a fence? Jumped the wrong fence? Forgotten the striding between jumps? Had no idea how fast you were going even with a watch, for lack of minute markers?

Walking your cross-country course effectively can be the difference between a faultless cross-country run and one where you do not even complete. Before cross-country most riders walk their courses tirelessly, but with course walks taking sometimes close to an hour, riders are limited on how many they can fit in before they have to leave the start box, especially if they have multiple rides at different levels. Memorizing the crucial details of your course from a limited number of walks is no easy task. Now thanks to CrossCountry App, an application you can download to your iPhone or iPad 3G or 4G i.e. with GPS course walks have been brought into the modern era we live in, and solved virtually every course walk related problem…

Satellite map shows all your fences and minute markers.

Satellite map shows all your fences and minute markers.

 1. I walked my course several times but then as I am tacking up for cross-country I realize I cannot remember what fence #12 looks like or where it is.

Solution: As you walk your course you can hit the add fence button which records the exact location of the fence on the satellite map backdrop. Then without even exiting the app, you can snap as many photos of the fence as you wish and add them into the fence details. So the next time you are tacking up you can do a last minute review of your course and see the course as if you were riding it already.

2. I forget how many strides to the skinny fence after the ditch.

Solution: When you add a fence to the course there is a spot where you can enter in striding details. No more asking competitors in warm-up how many strides are between things, and questioning if they are sportsmanlike enough to tell you the correct answer… It is a competition!

No jump detail will be left behind.

No jump detail will be left behind.

 3. I walk my course with my coach and he/she tells me so many details about the jumps I wish I could hear what they said again.

Solution: In the add a fence section of the app there is a record button and you can record everything your coach has to say about each jump and then play it back to yourself when you review your course again later.

4. It will cost me $56.65 CDN to buy a meter wheel.

Solution: The app only costs $12.99 CDN.

5. I forgot to look at my meter wheel and now I have no idea of where my last minute marker was and have back track.

Solution: Before you start walking your course you enter in the speed you have to ride at and the app beeps every time you reach a minute marker, and if you somehow do not hear it do not worry because it records the exact location on the map it generates.

6. I wheeled my course and it my result was an extra 60 meters longer than what the official map says, now my minute markers are not accurate.

Solution: You enter in the required speed you need to ride at and the optimum time of the course so when you finish walking the course the app adjusts the minute markers to match the distance of the course you walked.

7. I am in-between minute markers on my walk and it looks like a storm is coming, I want to walk the rest of my course later, but I will have to start from the beginning.

Solution: You can pause your course walk and whenever you want to walk again just go the approximate place you stopped walking at and hit the resume button.

Easy interface to enter course details.

Easy interface to enter course details.


Bonus features:
You can email your course walks to fellow riders, coaches, parents, friends, etc. That way you can get input on their opinions of the course or just show them what you doing on your Saturday.

  • You can download and view courses from all over the world to get a glimpse at some of the most prestigious event courses in the world. Hear what the course designers and the top riders who are walking the courses have to say about these courses to get a better understanding of them. Endless entertainment for all event crazy people, whether you actually even ride or not!
  • There is a CourseDesigner app that allows course designers and event organizers to create high quality map images, fence lists, distances and course information for Officials at the touch of a button.


My honest opinion
Since I have been using the CrossCountry App I have not went off course a single time, had any panic attacks tacking up that I forgot a crucial detail about a fence, or had any problems with my minute markers being wrong. This app is a must have for all event riders. The invention of ‘the wheel’ was long ago, join the revolution of how eventers are now walking their courses and go to the App Store to download CrossCountry App before you next event.


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