We are hiring writers! We will pay for your talent so apply today.

We need more writers.

Yes you read that correctly, “hiring”, we will pay. Unlike other websites who promise you glory and fame as the reward for your hard work, we believe in compensation for a job well done.

If you love Eventing and you can write, we want you. We are looking for a diverse group of individuals to engage, educate and entertain eventers and fans world-wide. Eventing Connect is developing a loyal fan following and our readers want more great content on a daily basis.

We do not care if you have been published before. We only care that you can write interesting stories that are grammatically correct and without spelling errors. We are open to introducing new talent of any age.

Are you an awesome storyteller who can make readers laugh, cry or write a comment? Can you deliver work within set deadlines? Then please apply.

We are looking for writers with interest in the following areas:

  • Show reporting from around the world (any country) including analysis and interviews
  • Opinion columns
  • How to columns
  • Product reviews
  • In depth interviews with interesting Eventing personalities (riders, owners, officials, fans, parents, etc)
  • Blogging

If you want to join a fun team of Eventing addicts, email us:

  • your resume/biography
  • a sample of your writing (500-1000 words),
  • your compensation expectations, and
  • your availability as a full-time, part-time or free-lancer.

Only apply if you have a sense of humour, you are obsessed with Eventing and you ALWAYS wear a helmet when riding.

Tracy: 1-705-492-5559



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