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Some horses you never really want to sell.



Strike a pose. Lainey needs her own reality show…move over Kardashians!

laine model


She’s got them Photoshop skillz…

emily photoshop


Joe tell us how you really feel…

fergie is a moose


Enough said.



How long until summertime?

freeze feed


Eventers need their rest.

holly woodhead sleeping


Since when does Kyle raise his voice?

kyle carter award


World traveller.

liz travels


Not even any Keith Urban?!

no country music


Working like a dog.

payne copilot


Not everyone was upset about the helmet cam ban.

ruthie helmet cams


Jessica Phoenix hardly has any students…

PET xc schooling


Aiken will be coming alive.

PD trip


Not a laughing matter. (Sam – one of the world’s Top 30 Under 30)

sam no penis jokes


A zapping or two is worth the grass.

sharon hunt escapee



skiier down


Good behaviour pays off (Laura – one of the world’s Top 30 Under 30)

treats from owner


Better than below freezing (Tom – one of the world’s Top 30 Under 30)

tom mcewen south


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