Eddy Sans wins debut Rolex Indoor Eventing at the CHI Geneva

Tim Lips (NED) 2nd, Eddy Sans (FRA) 1st, Thomas Carlile (FRA) 3rd

The debut of the Rolex Indoor Eventing was a crowd pleasing and innovative success at the Concours Hippique International de Genève Saturday night in Switzerland. France dominated the podium with two of the top three placings but certainly not by much as the top three riders were all separated by less than one second. To win the class, the objective was to be closest to the optimum time of 118 seconds without jumping faults. No time faults were added if riders came in under the optimum time. Time faults were added if riders exceeded the optimum time. Rails added four faults, refusals added 20 faults.

Eddy Sans (FRA) on Nankin De La Hurie won the event with no faults and a time of 117.70. Eddy gave the crowd a solid display of horsemanship with an accurate and confident ride. Over the last jump he had one hand holding the rein and the other encouraging the crowd to cheer him on and cheer him on they did. Tim Lips (NED) on Bayro lost by only .1 seconds finishing on 117.60. Thomas Carlile (FRA) on Sirocco Du Gers rounded out the top three with a slightly faster time of 116.06. Karim Florent Laghouag (FRA) on Pegase Du Tuc was the only other rider to come in under the optimum time finishing on 114.58. The reigning World Equestrian Games gold medalist, Sandra Auffarth on Thalia L´amaurial placed fifth with 120.40.

Eddy Sans on Nankin De La Hurie wins the Rolex Indoor Eventing debut at the CHI Geneva

Eddy Sans on Nankin De La Hurie wins the Rolex Indoor Eventing debut at the CHI Geneva

In the world’s largest indoor arena, course designer Peter Hasenböhler utilized the main arena with a causeway to an adjacent training paddock to create an 1,800 m three-star course. The jumps included questions you would expect on a typical outdoor cross-country course with tables, log fences, bushes, brush fences, sharks teeth, as well as a bank and lake. The course rode beautifully with only two run outs in total; one each for Elaine Pen on Dostowjeski and Nicholas Touzaint on Lesbos. This was an amazing example of how to showcase Eventing in an indoor arena. It was a true display of riding skill and talented horses.

Jumbotrons allowed the crowd to follow the action on course in both arenas. The event was broadcast live via the internet for the entire world to see.

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