Clayton Fredericks wins car at Perth’s Eventing in the Park

Clayton with his brand new Holden Barina Spark...likely won't fit on the plane to bring back to the USA.

UPDATED: Dec. 14/2014 8:50 pm

A visit home to the land down under was well worth the trip for Australia’s Clayton Fredericks as he was able to fit a competition into his busy schedule and win a brand new car – a Holden Barina Spark. Clayton competed at the prestigious second annual Solid Gold Diamonds Eventing in the Park held on the Taylor Reserve on the banks of Perth’s swan river. Similar to Indoor Eventing, but held outside, this class is held in a large arena with a shortened cross-country course that enables the crowd to watch the the entire competition from the bleachers.



Clayton won the Diamond Class riding ESB Irish Specialist owned by Brigid Woss. Since Clayton is sleeping at the moment (time difference), we have not been able to reach him for comment, but we noticed on his Facebook page, he sent a big thank you to Louis McWhirter for preparing Irish for this event.

Chris Burton won the Grand Prix class riding a horse he borrowed from Jessica Manson. Jessica chose to ride her 2014 Australian 3 Day Event four-star winning horse Legal Star and they placed 5th. She might be regretting that choice. Maybe Chris will be in the Christmas spirit and give her the car since he is based in England and likely will have a difficult time driving it back.

Eventing in the Park is the pinnacle eventing and show jumping grand prix event in Western Australia. In addition to Clayton, this year’s field of 50 riders included Jock Paget, Clarke Johnstone, Chris Burton, Sonja Johnson,  Megan Jones, Christine Bates and the 2014 Australian International 3 Day Event winner Jess Manson.

Clayton barefoot in the park...walking the course we are assuming.

Clayton barefoot in the park…walking the course we are assuming.

Beautiful jumps...don't be surprised to find copies of these build on Clayton's cross-country park in Ocala.

Beautiful jumps…don’t be surprised to find copies of these build on Clayton’s cross-country park in Ocala.

Course builder Tom Compagnoni at the Music Corner

Course builder Tom Compagnoni at the Music Corner

At the social event of the season, spectators were able to view from the comfort of VIP Marquees as top riders and amazing mounts tackled the uniquely designed and challenging course. Over $110,000 worth of prizes were given away to 10th place.

Diamond Class top 10:
1st – Clayton Fredericks on ESB Irish Specialist – A Brand New Holden Barina Spark thanks to Shack’s Holden
2nd – Kate Ingham on Asti Aspiration – Diamond Jewellery to the value of $7,500 from Solid Gold Diamonds
3rd – Michael Dagostino on Kendlestone Park Supreme
4th – Lucinda Bunning on Two Reds –
5th – Isabella Dunne on Kelecyn Supernatural
6th – Catheryn Herbert on Femme De Rennaisance
7th – Jock Paget on Lieutenant Luke
8th – Joanne Madaffari on Star Season
9th – Tegan Lush on Major Moment
10th – Glenys Davies on Awezam

Highest Placed Junior – Lucinda Bunning on Two Reds
Best Placed Thoroughbred – Asti Aspiration

Grand Prix Class top 10:
1st – Chris Burton on Two Chances – A Brand New Holden Captiva 7 thanks to Shack’s Holden
2nd – Michael Dagostino on TMP Razzle Dazzle – Diamond Jewellery to the value of $12,500 from Solid Gold Diamonds
3rd – Anthony Thomas on Levitation NZPH
4th – Tegan Lush on Touchstone Felix
5th – Jess Manson on Legal Star
6th – Kate Ingham on Springfield Cezarina
7th – Belinda Isbister on Holy Bruce
8th – Christine Bates on Ned O’Reilly
9th – Clayton Fredericks on Ellison Park Benson
10th – Michaela Martindale on Kinnordy Gatow

Highest Placed Junior – Sammy Bain on Barrabadeen Woodstock
Best Placed Thoroughbred – Two Chances

Riders in both classes who placed from 3rd to 10th received Saddlery Gift vouchers from $6,500 to $500.


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