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World wide bits and bites:

United Kingdom:

Charlotte Dujardin’s new career?: At only 29-years-old she has already won it all in dressage, and she recently made a visit to Scotland Yard to ride with the Metropolitan Mounted Patrol in London… Bad news for dressage riders is she has not announced any plans to drop her dressage career.
With nothing left to win in dressage, Charlotte Dujardin joins the mounted patrol

‘Dragon’ will hand out BETA awards: Business woman and ‘Dragons’ Den’ star, Deborah Meaden will be attending the British Equestrian Trade Association trade show, where she will be meeting equestrian business reps and handing out some of the show’s awards. Never hurts to have business gurus involved in the horse world.
Dragons Den guru to visit equestrian businesses

Horse or beef?: If you ever have any concerns about whether or not you are about to sink your teeth into horse meat, do not worry, chemists have developed a quick method to determine if the mystery meat contains horse. Disturbing that this is necessary.
Quick and cheap test to detect horse meat

United States:

Zooey Deschenal overworks horse: The famous actress who stars in hit TV series “New Girl”, is being sued by a horse owner, after returning the stallion she was leasing in very poor condition. Supposedly the horse now needs serious medical attention, and the owner believes it is up to Zooey to pay the medical bills. Vet bills are pricey.
Zooey Deschanel Sued. You Broke My Horse… Now Pony Up!


Rest in peace Sandhills Tiger: Hamish Cargill reflects on the times he spent with his old partner, from Hamish’s struggles to survive trot-ups with him to his last international event, at Burghley in 2011. Our thoughts are with everyone who knew this superstar.
Remembering Sandhills Tiger


Get ready to meet the new FEI president: This Sunday our new FEI president will be elected. You can watch the Meet the Presidential Candidates session, live and free of charge on FEI TV. No, you do not get to vote.
Countdown is on to FEI Presidential Election


Equestrian discipline may not be an Olympic sport: With new sports looking to be added to the Olympics, some old ones might need to get the boot. Critics are especially in favour of getting rid of dressage, saying that it is more about skill and less about athletic ability. Clearly they have never seen a dressage test go badly.
Six Olympic sports that may be in danger of being dropped

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