Indoor Eventing gaining popularity with debut in Geneva

Bruce Haskell (NZL) on Kiwi Smog at the Indoor Eventing class at Stuttgart German Masters Indoor Eventing Derby. Photo by: Kerstin Hoffmann

Canada, Germany, Sweden now Switzerland …indoor eventing is picking up steam. Organizers have been working to bring an indoor cross-country class to Geneva for a few years. With all the necessary infrastructure now available, they can include this innovative class. This is a fabulous opportunity for the world’s largest interior arena to exploit its lake, its bank as well as its training paddock.

Switzerland’s first and only indoor cross country-course is gearing up to welcome some of the world’s top eventing riders including Olympic champions and a selected few Swiss riders. The star studded roster of eventers from nine different nations will be battling it out for Geneva’s indoor eventing title on Saturday December 13th.

Sandra Auffarth
Dirk Schrade

Ruy Fonseca

Nicolas Wettstein

Nicolas Touzaint
Rodolphe Scherr
Thomas Carlile
Eric Vigeanel
Karim Laghouag

Stella Benatti

Bruce Haskel

Merel Blom
Elaine Pen (One of Eventing Connect’s 2014 top 30 Under 30 riders)
Tim Lips

Ludwig Svennerstal (One of Eventing Connect’s 2014 top 30 Under 30 riders)

Eveline Bodenmüller
Camille Guyot
Felix Vogg

The course is being designed by Peter Hasenböhler. He will be designing a course that will extend the main arena to include the adjacent training paddock. The course will include all natural questions including log fences, bushes, brush fences, shark teeth, as well as the current bank and lake, both famous attributes of the Geneva arena.

The public will be able to follow the course in both arenas as the competition will be recorded following the competitors rides. Screens in the showground will be transmitting simultaneously. You can tune in via the Internet on Saturday December 13th.

Watch live: CHI Geneva website

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