Nations to battle for Indoor Eventing supremacy in Sweden

Mark Todd was 56-years-old at the 2012 Olympics and is on the road to Rio this year. This Eventing God's autobiography is a must read. Photo by Kerstin Hoffmann.

Competition will be fierce on Thursday night in Solna, Sweden when sixteen eventers from four different nations will be battling it out for Indoor Eventing supremacy. This class is part of the Sweden International Horse Show at Friends arena.

The teams of four will represent Sweden, Great Britain, New Zealand and Germany. Germany’s Michael Jung, winner of the the Indoor Derby at the Stuttgart German Masters will not be competing in this class. However, the Kiwi trio that placed second, third and fouth – Mark Todd, Jonelle Price and Tim Price respectively will be competing and riding to win.

Great Britain is sending some serious talent, including Laura Collette and Mr. Bass who competed last week at Stuttgart, along with Oliver Townend who on Saturday was awarded the Tony Collings Trophy award for the the leading British rider of the season.

None of the four riders who will be representing Germany competed at the Indoor Derby at Stuttgart. However, the team does include four-star riders Peter Thomsen and Kai Rüder.

The home team includes London 2012 Olympic Silver Medallist Sara Algotsson-Ostholt. She is back in the saddle after giving birth this fall to her and husband Frank Ostholt’s second child. Her team members include Ludwig Svennerstål, Niklas Lindbäck and Frida Andersén.

Trivia fact:  Three out of four of the coaches hail from Sweden, Yogi Breisner for Great Britain, Erik Duvander for New Zealand and Staffan Lidbeck for Sweden. Germany’s coach Hans Melzer is from Germany.

Team riders include:

Great Britain (GBR)

  • COLLETT, Laura 133 Mr Bass
  • LLEWELLYN, Emily 134 Carus Royal
  • TATTERSALL, Gemma 135 Dinky Inky
  • TOWNEND, Oliver 136 Cooley Master Class

Germany (GER)

  • HOFFROGGE, Jens 137 Rittersporn H
  • RÜDER, Kai 138 Gryffindor 9, Quidditch 22
  • SIEMER, Anna 139 Dsp Clara
  • THOMSEN, Peter 140 Clifford M

New Zealand (NZL)

  • CAMPBELL, Jesse 141 Aparat VD Hoefslag 2
  • PRICE, Jonelle 142 Classic Moet
  • PRICE, Tim 143 Xavier Taer
  • TODD, Mark 144 Landvision

Sweden (SWE)

  • ALGOTSSON OSTHOLT, Sara 145 Anolanda D
  • ANDERSEN, Frida 146 Easy to Love
  • LINDBÄCK, Niklas 147 Mister Pooh
  • SVENNERSTAL, Ludwig 148 Franzipan
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