Top riders buy the young and elite at Top-Eventers auction in Germany

(TOP) Lara de Liedekerke-Meier who represented Belgium at the Olympic Games and her German husband Kai Steffen Meier bought two talented young horses. (BOTTOM) The top horse at the auction Conner K was presented for the press photo by the auction rider Nico Aldinger. Iris Schless, Elmar Lesch and the auctioneer Günther Friemel were all pleased that the most expensive Top-Eventer this year was bought by a new Finnish client.

This year’s 10th Top-Eventers auction was a record breaker with the average price per horse moving up to a new high of €28,058. The Kurt-Günter-Jagau arena at Luhmühlen attracted an overflowing crowd with the Top-Dressage-Talent –Auction taking place at the same time.

Conner K went for the highest price at €60,000 to a telephone bidder from Finland. It will be ridden in the future by an up and coming young Finnish rider who is trained by Piia Pantsu who has represented her country many times. The new rider is preparing for the next junior championships.

Event organizers, Elmar Lesch and Iris Schless were both overwhelmed by the response to this year’s auction: “We had already noticed during the weeks running up to the auction that there was an increase in the amount of interest shown and felt quite optimistic. But we hadn’t thought we would reach a new record average price and this is really special for us as it is our 10th auction. The fact that the average price of over €28,000 was not just the result of one big sale but due to the fact that the majority of the aspirants achieved prices at this level or higher, is a really positive development. We are very happy with the results of the auction even though 2 horses were unfortunately not sold. We hope that with these results and good references from our buyers we will be able to attract new sellers and buyers for future Top-Eventers sales.”

This year’s buyers who had already tested the top quality auction lot at Elmar Lesch’s training center in Bavendorf before the auction, included a number of top international riders and not only many regular clients but also new clients from Finland and South Africa. The German clients were well represented and bought a total of eight horses.

The German/Belgian group around Lara de Liedekerke-Meier and Kai Steffen Meier (just married in September) were in a buying mood and will be taking home a total of 3 Top-Eventers. Lara de Liedekerke-Meier bought the Mighty Magic son Mighty’s Match a talented youngster with a bright future and a sponsor bought the promising grey Obiamo for Kai Steffen-Meier. The trio was completed by the charming Levisto’s Big Boy daughter, Lady Like who is destined to help a young Belgian rider on the road to success.

Elaine Pen, a member of the bronze medal winning Dutch team at WEG was in Luhmühlen and her first visit to the Top-Event-Horse-Auction was a great success as she was able to buy the gelding Double Perfect who has already been successful in international sport.

Andreas Dibowski, German Olympian bought Drübecker keeping this horse in Germany.

Louisiana, who Elmar Lesch successfully rode in national championships for 5 year old eventers, will be moving to the yard of the Italian team rider Stella Benatti.

Last but not least was the auctioning of 6 places on a clinic to be given by Sandra Auffarth for the benefit of the “Benjamin Winter fund for more security in Eventing”. With the places changing hands for prices between 600 and 850 Euros and a number of Top-Event-Horse-Auction sponsors promising to donate to the fund a significant amount was collected.

The exact amount will be announced soon on the Top-Eventers website.

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Horses, auction prices and the country they will be calling home.

Cat # Name Price Country
1 Carjatan S 43.000,- Germany
2 Mighty´s Match 21.000,- Belgium
3 Lady Like 22.500,- Belgium
4 Loretta 26.000,- Germany
5 Cornets Filius 15.000,- Germany
6 Saphira 12.500,- Germany
7 Drübecker 30.000,- Germany
8 Coco Maurice 11.000,- Germany
9 Obiamo 18.500,- Germany
10 Futuro 27.000,- Spain
11 Louisiana 20.000,- Italy
12 Firefly Not Sold
13 Double Perfect 36.000,- Holland
14 Pippa Not Sold
15 Conner K 60.000,- Finland
16 Jessie James 31.500,- Switzerland
17 Chenaro 39.000,- USA
18 B-Lasina 23.000,- Germany
19 Carpaccios´s First Lady 41.000,- South Africa
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