Four-star rookie with the grace of a seasoned pro – Libby Head – 30 Under 30

Libby Head on Sir Rockstar at Fair Hill International CCI3*, 2014. Photo courtesy of Tami Beauchamp Tritapoe.

Blazing around cross-country like a seasoned pro and then following it up with a stellar clean show jumping round at her first Rolex, Libby Head (USA) was one of the year’s most successful four-star rookies. At only 22 years old, Libby has already proven that she can produce a four-star horse. Her Rolex partner, Sir Rockstar (Rocky), was also her junior and young rider horse. Finishing in 19th place at her first four-star, Libby has proven that she has the right stuff to be competitive at the top of this sport and she is one of the world’s ‘Top 30 Under 30”.

Skipping school for Rolex
Parents are usually not happy when kids skip school but Libby’s parents were fine with her taking the spring semester off her studies to focus her time on preparing correctly for Rolex. It obviously paid off with her top 20 finish. Libby credits her success to super-coach Kyle Carter. “I was at Kyle’s farm training with him all spring. He really helps honing in on and fixing problem areas and he was always available to answer any questions I had. His role in my success was huge,” says Libby. Like many young riders she credits her parents for making her dreams a reality. “I am in school so I obviously could not do this without my parents support,” emphasizes Libby.

Juggling studies and riding
Libby is not only an up and coming rider she is also a student at the University of Georgia. She boards her horses near her school because her small farm is three hours away. “Somehow I manage to ride and study. I don’t know how, but I get it done,” jokes Libby. Working towards a Bachelor of Science and Arts majoring in Animal Science, Libby wants to pursue a career in the horse industry. “I would really love to make a career out of riding but if I could somehow use my degree as well that would be great. My degree and riding will go hand in hand so hopefully I can make something out of it. I do not want to do something I don’t love and end up a bit resentful,” explains Libby.

Libby and Bells

Libby and Bells

Next stop – Luhmuhlen
What do you do after you conquer Rolex? A CCI4* overseas. Libby is raising money to compete at a CCI4* across the pond. “I am really trying to fundraise to go over seas. I tried for Pau but did not reach my goal. I am thinking Luhmuhlen now,” says Libby. Competing at Luhmuhlen will be ideal for Libby because it is in the summer, she will not have to ditch school for another semester.

Fresh talent
“I don’t think I could ever sell Rocky. He’s just mine. He is 16. Maybe in the future when he was retiring I would let someone I trusted do lower levels with him,” admits Libby. Being that Rocky is 16 years old Libby has begun to produce another top horse to fill his shoes. Bocce is a five-year-old mare that Libby bought from Jonathan Holling last summer. “She is a lot of fun I really like her. She will hopefully be my next horse because Rocky is 16 so I want to have something coming up,” says Libby. She has already proven that she is more than capable of piloting a horse around its first four-star. It will be no surprise to see Libby and Bocce taking on Rolex together in years to come.

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