Pau CCI4* – What do the top five horses have in common?

Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob. (Trevor Holt/FEI)

Placing in the top five at one of the world’s six four-star events is no easy feat. For the majority of us, we look on in awe and a little bit of envy. We are all left wondering how do these riders get to that level? What do these pairs have that the others do not. Interestingly, the top five horses at Pau all had two things in common:

1 . Homemade: Our recent article, ‘Medal winners – produced not bought’, demonstrates that in the last three major games eight of the nine medal winners produced their horses from the CCI* level. Not surprisingly, the top five riders at Pau also brought their horses up the levels from the CCI1* level.

It appears that a rider with a long-term partnership is proving to be a major advantage to get to the top. In fact, only two of the five horses ever had another rider compete them at an FEI event.

  • Horseware Hale Bob: Ingrid Klimke rode him to her first four-star career victory. She has only been absent on him at three of his 27 FEI events, all at the CCI1* level.
  • Faerie Dianimo: Jonelle Price’s fourth place partner, has completed one FEI event with another rider – competing one CIC2* in 2012 with Tim Price, her husband.

2. Le Lion D’Angers: Every horse in the top five was a past competitor at the World Young Horse Championships at Le Lion D’Angers. Possibly, the horses were showing huge promise as youngsters and their riders made sure they did not lose the rides.

Scouting talent
Buying young horses is proving crucial to being competitive at the top. A rider can easily decide if a horse is worth the effort once they begin competing. To get a future winner in your barn, it appears that the challenge is finding young talent.

1st place – Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob
Horseware Hale Bob FEI career:

  • First FEI event: CIC1* – 08/10/2010 with Ingrid Klimke
  • FEI events prior to Pau: 27 and 24 with Ingrid Klimke

2nd place – Andreas Dibowski and FRH Butts Avedon
FRH Butts Avedon FEI career:

  • First FEI event: CIC1* – 24/04/2009 with Andreas Dibowski
  • FEI events prior to Pau: 41 and all with Andreas Dibowski

3rd place – Arnaud Boiteau and Quoriano ‘Ene Hn’
Quoriano ‘Ene Hn’ FEI career:

  • First FEI event: CIC1* – 24/03/2011
  • FEI events prior to Pau: 13 and all with Arnaud Boiteau

4th place – Jonelle Price and Faerie Dianimo
Faerie Dianimo FEI career:

  • First FEI event: CIC1* – 06/05/2011 with Jonelle Price
  • FEI events prior to Pau: 15 and 14 with Jonelle Price 

5th place – Joseph Murphy and Sportsfield Othello
Sportsfield Othello FEI career:

  • First FEI event: CIC1* – 20/04/2007 with Joseph Murphy
  • FEI events prior to Pau: 32 and all with Joseph Murphy




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