It’s not a dressage show anymore – Bring on cross-country

Making time and jumping clear will reward riders with leaps up the leaderboard.


If history is an indicator the last two day of dressage will be a distant memory as the riders at The Dutta Corp. Fairhill International prepare for cross-country today. There will be successes and failures, tears of joy and frustration and a leaderboard shuffle on the arguably toughest CCI2* and CCI3* tracks in North America.

CCI2* 2012
Last year in the CCI2*, of the 69 riders that began the competition only 11 made the time on cross-country which translates to 15%. So this year out of the 112 riders, we can expect about 17 to gallop across the finish flags under the time. In 2012, not one of the the top three kept their placing after cross-country as two of them had stops on cross-country and the other had over 10 penalty points in time.

At the end of the weekend, Allie Sacksen (USA) was the winner remaining on her dressage score of 47.8

2014 top three after dressage

  • 1st place Matthew Brown (USA) on Happenstance with 40.1
    Happenstance FEI record shows no cross-country jump OR time penalties and consistently has one or two rails
  • Victoria Jessop (GBR) on Desert Mystery with 41.3
    Desert Mystery FEI record shows no cross-country jump penalties can make time but consistently has one or two rails
  • Lynn Symansky (USA) on Osborne 9 with 41.8
    Osborne 9 shows no cross county jump penalties, can rack up the time and had one rail in the couple of two star competitions completed.

CCI3* 2012
Forty five riders contested the CCI3* last year, only 26 finished and of the finishers only four made time.  That is only 8% so with 60 riders this year, expect only five to make time. Like the CCI2*, none of the top three after dressage managed to keep a top three placing by the end of the weekend.

Jan Bynny on Inmidair had a memorable win last year with a 45.6 which was only .2 over Buck Davidson on Park Trader. So you can expect another nail biting result with more riders in the mix.

2014 top three after dressage

  • 1st Boyd Martin on Master Frisky
    Master Frisky has yet to make time on cross-country and only once in three events, show jumped without a rail.
  • 2nd Buck Davidson on The Apprentice
    The Apprentice FEI record struggles to make time and usually has rails.
  • 3rd Buck Davidson on Petite Flower
    Petite Flower FEI record has had some good results and has struggled, but does have the distinction of being a CCI3* winner.

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