Fairhill updates and notes here all day for cross-country

Lets hope everyone gets gorgeous weather at their events this weekend!


We will keep posting updates all day to keep you updated on what is going on at The Dutta Corp. Fairhill International

CCI2* started at 8:30 am EST

8:38 am

Marilyn Little on West Indie came off near the end of the course and was eliminated

Kelly Prather completed without jumping penalties. Not sure about time.

8:44 am:

Phillip Dutton on I’m Sew ready, first double clear. One second under the time.

Michael Pollard on Kyra eliminated after three stops.

8:51 am

Buck Davidson on Tiger Lion had one stop, almost came off but in Buck fashion, stayed on!

Ryan Wood on Fernhill Classic second double clear, two seconds under time.

Lillian Heard, three stops and eliminated.

Julie Richards no jumping penalties and home.

Jamie Kellock on Don’t Blink run out at jump 20.

Lucia Strini on Galway Bay Cooley three refusals and eliminated.

Calvin Ramsey on Hoodwink first refusal. Home with just one jumping penalty and 36 in time.

9:05 am

Melissa Schielein on On the Rocks RSF two refusals so far. Three stops and eliminated.

Will Faudree on Caeleste one refusal so far.

Liz Riley on Infinite Truth one refusal so far.

9:19 am

Boyd Martin on SBF Cortez no jumping penalties and 2.4 in time.

Jaimie Kellock on Don’t Blink run out at jump 20.

Jennifer Clover on Scimitar II one refusal so far. Another refusal.

Kevin Baumgardner on Wembley one refusal so far. Now retired.

Julie Clark on Cool Disguise no jumping penalties. 7.2 time penalties.

Kelly Beaver on Sempre Fino three refusals and eliminated.

Holly Jacks on More Inspiration retired after two refusals.

9:30 am

Matthew Brown on Happenstance the leader after dressage is on course. Just had a run out. Finishes on 76.5

Maggie Deatrick on Divine Comedy home without jumping penalties or time. So far the fastest time of the day! This is the fourth double clear.

Melissa Miller on High Finance finish with time.

Waylon Roberts on Bill Owen no jumping penalties and 2.4 time.

Sean McIntosh on Wild T’Mater no jumping penalties with 14.4 time.

Emily Hamel on Ramsey one refusal so far.

9:47 am

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12:47 pm

Marilyn Little on RF Quarterman clear with only 1 second over the time. She moves to fifth place.

Kelly Prather on Truly Wiley 9th rider clear and inside the time.

Michael Pollard on Halimey run out at 18. After another stop, Michael retired.

Phillip and Seams Ready retired.

Lucia Strini on Petit Filou II refusal at 11. She has retired.

Julie Richards on Urlanmore Beauty double clear and is the 10th rider to be able to do accomplish this feat today!.

Buck Davidson on Be Mine double clear, 12th person to claim this honour.

1:08 pm

Kyle Carter damaged a fence but is OK and still going. There is a hold on course for repairs.

Callie Evans and Glendening Avis home with no jumping penalties.

Will Faudree is being held at 11 and Liz Riley at 4 for fence repairs.

Kyle Carter on Cooley Nothing Better has retired.

1:13 pm

Fence is repaired. Riders are back on course.

Will Faudree and Pfun have finished with no jumping faults but have some time.

Waylon Roberts on Kelecyn Cognac is closing in on Liz Riley on Renassiance. He may have to pass her. Waylon is the last rider in the CCI2* division.

Liz Riley has two run outs at 18 and has to move aside for Waylon.

Liz decided to retire.

Waylon Roberts on Kelecyn Cognac has no jumping penalties and no time moving into the top 8.


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