Richland Park CIC3* Course Walk


Scroll around Ian Stark’s CIC three star course. This course has three options that are certainly going to add some time.

3575 Meters @ 570 MPM
Optimum time: 6:17
Time allowed: 12:34

Are you sitting comfortably, then we’ll begin.

3-1-IMG_9332 1 – Feeder


3-2-IMG_93372 – Palisade Oxer


3-2-1-IMG_93362 – Palisade Oxer, close-up


3-3-IMG_93413 – Log


3-2-1-IMG_93423 – Log, close-up


3-4-IMG_93524 A, B – Palisade to the Turtle in the distance


3-4-1-IMG_93504 B – Turtle (What does a turtle say?)


3-5-IMG_93555 – Oxer


3-6-IMG_93606 A, B – Hanging log to brush in distance


3-7-IMG_93627 – Brush corner


3-8-IMG_93648 – Hayrack


3-9-IMG_93659 – Woodland Rails


3-9-1-IMG_93779 – Woodland Rails  close-up


3-9-2-IMG_93709 – Woodland Rails option.
This will add significant time as riders are coming from the same direction as the direct route, but then they will to have to turn back on their track to catch this jump. They will then have to turn back on their track to head to the 10 A, B – Sunken road.


3-10-IMG_937810 A, B – Sunken Road


3-11-IMG_936911 – Angled Brush. And who should we meet on our walk…Kendal Lehari. We have a story about her coming up tomorrow. Check back.


3-12-IMG_938312 – Palisade


3-13-IMG_938913 – Amish Wagon


3-13-1-IMG_939413 – Amish Wagon, angled view


3-14-IMG_939514 A, B, C – Ditch complex


3-15-IMG_940215 – Roll Top


3-15-1-IMG_940315 – Roll Top, close-up


3-16-IMG_940616 – Open Corner


3-16-1-IMG_940816 – Option to a solid corner. This takes the rider on a little excursion off the main path of the course to catch this jump, so it will add some time.


3-17-IMG_940717 – Square Spread on the right.

3-17-IMG_941217 – Square Spread, close-up


3-18-IMG_941418 A, B – Offset Ditch Rails


3-19-IMG_942319 A, B – Corner to Keyhole direct route.


3-19-1-IMG_942419 A OPTION. The A element is facing the opposite direction to the B element Keyhole .


3-19-2-IMG_941919 A, B combination. Showing direct route over open corner and the positioning of the A element OPTION.


3-20-IMG_942620 – Table


3-21-IMG_942721 A, B – Water Complex


3-21-1-IMG_942821 A, B – Water Complex, closer look


3-22-IMG_943122 – Bunker


3-23-IMG_943323 – Off Set Cabins


3-23-IMG_943523 – Off Set Cabins, close up


3-24-IMG_943724 – Flower Box

Now go get a drink. I am sure you are exhausted from all that scrolling.


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