Richland Park CIC2* Course Walk

The weekend is here.


Take a tour of Ian Stark’s two star course without even breaking a sweat. The jumps are not creatively named but they are beautifully crafted. There is one option on the course at the 15 A, B Corner. It will certainly add a good chunk of time. The rider needs to decide if they will fair better doing an open corner or double skinnies.

3500 Meter @ 550 MPM
Optimum Time: 6:22
Time Allowed: 12:44

Start your engines…

2-1-IMG_93311- Turkey Feeder (why is there a chicken beside it?)


2-2-IMG_93372 – Paliside Oxer


2-2-1-IMG_93352 – Paliside Oxer, close up


2-3-IMG_93383 – Log


2-4-IMG_93524 A, B combination Palisade Brush with B element  in the distance


2-4-1-IMG_93494 – B- Frog – “Ribbit”


2-5-1-IMG_93565 – Table


2-6-IMG_93606 A, B, C, combination – A-Hanging Log into water with B-Double Brush in the distance


2-6-1-IMG_93616 – C – Corner


2-7-IMG_93727 A, B, C – Sunken Road


2-7-1-IMG_93737 – B, close up


2-7-2-IMG_93747 – C, close up


2-8-IMG_93798 – Hay Rack


2-9-IMG_93809 – Keyhole


2-10-IMG_938310 – Palisade


2-11-IMG_938411- Double of Skinnies


2-11-1-IMG_938611- Double of Skinnies close-up


2-12-IMG_939212 – Hay Rack


2-12-1-IMG_939412 – Hay Rack, angle view


2-13-IMG_939813 – Ditch Complex

 2-14-IMG_939914 – House

2-15-IMG_940515 A, B, Corner. If this is too scarey, there is an option.


2-15-1-IMG_940415 A, B – Option


2-16-IMG_940716 – Box Spread in the distance to the left. To the right is the 3* matching jump.


2-16-1-IMG_941316. Box Spread, close-up


2-17-IMG_941817. Trekehner


2-18-IMG_941618 – Oxer


2-19-IMG_942719 A, B – Water Complex


2-20-IMG_943120 – Bunker


2-21-IMG_943421 A, B – Barns


2-21-1-IMG_943621 A, close up

2-22-IMG_943722 – Last,  to the right.

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