Feb 12, 2019

Tuesday’s Top 10 – Comments overheard at the scoreboard

  WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of ...

Eight ways to cut costs at horse shows in 2019

Feb 8, 2019

  Eventing, like all pursuits invol...

An important friendly reminder: Do your damn dressage!

Feb 6, 2019

  Dressage gets a bad rap in Eventi...

Event features

Feb 2, 2019

Event Rider Masters series releases their 2019 calendar

  The Event Rider Masters (ERM) has today con...

Applications now open for 2019 $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover!

Dec 19, 2018

  Applications are now open for the...

Top sellers and notable buyers at the Goresbridge Go for Gold Sale 2018

Nov 15, 2018

  Goresbridge Go For Sold Sale: [We...


Feb 14, 2019

Someone give this jockey a medal – VIDEO Break

  Racehorse jockeys are some of the most athl...

Should we start breaking horses like this? – VIDEO Break

Feb 13, 2019

  There’s always more than on...

The equestrian version of an electric bike – VIDEO Break

Feb 12, 2019

  Are you sick and tired of pedalli...

In case you missed it

Jan 30, 2019

Struggling to master the Monster – Latest update on this tough OTTB

  After introducing everyone to my giant OTTB...


Tuesday’s Top 10 – Ultra unique ways to get Eliminated at an event

Jan 29, 2019

  WARNING: Only read if you have a...

Lifesaving tips for competing multiple horses – WITHOUT a groom

Jan 24, 2019

  The world’s top riders frequent...

Extreme makeover Thoroughbred edition

Jan 17, 2019

  I love OTTBs– getting a new...