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Make 2017 a wild year and sign-up for a horseback riding safari in Africa – You will love it!


  Calling all equestrians to get off the farm and out of the show ring for a riding adventure that you maybe have only dared to dream. This year, is your year to take a horseback riding vacation in Kenya. We first learned about Offbeat Safaris through one of our writers here at Eventing Connect, Ema Klugman. She was lucky enough to enjoy a working student position with this top notch company and peaked our interest after she wrote about her adventures. Offbeat Safaris was founded by Tristan Voorspuy in 1990, beginning purely as a riding safari outfitter, based out…

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Pretty and effective – How you can be both in the saddle

Bendigo at Fair Hill CCI2*. Photo by Tami Beauchamp Tritapoe.

  Along with a few billion other people, last week I made new year’s resolutions. Like them, I made a few generic resolutions: exercising more, eating meat only a few days a week, limiting my time on social media, becoming more empathetic and a better listener. But I also made another one: to become a prettier rider. There are those people just look beautiful on a horse: they have long legs that seem to fall without effort into place, gorgeous posture, lengthy arms. They look like they were meant to sit on one. Their position comes easily, swiftly, to them….

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Make your horse an easier ride with these training tips

RF Scandalous-IMG_0712

  I have a novice horse for sale, and a lovely young adult came to try him on Saturday. I got on the horse first, as customary, to put the horse through his paces and show he can perform as advertised. He was a little distracted during the first few minutes of warmup, but he eventually settled and showed a pretty good walk, trot, and canter. I hopped him over a few low fences, and then the potential buyer was ready to give him a try. I advised her that he was pretty straightforward, ride leg-to-hand, with light, small aids. She…

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Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Madison Blodgett

Madison Blodgett and Hunt For Joy.

   Rider Connect sponsor: Bit of Britain has been a trusted source for quality horse tack and equestrian clothing since 1987. Today’s featured rider is Madison Blodgett, an ambitious junior rider who is working her way up the levels with her two horses. If you would like to be featured in Rider Connect,email me.   Get to know Madison I am 14-years-old, and I am from Norridgewock, Maine. I started riding in a local Rec program at Pendragon Farm when I was six, because my mom grew up riding. I am an eighth grader at Skowhegan Area Middle, and I currently compete…

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Friday’s Five – Tasty, healthy and EASY horse show food ideas

Skip packing junk food and try these easy and tasty recipes for your next show.

  Horse show food is not usually the tastiest, it is rarely healthy and it is always overpriced. Instead of spending money on dreadful horse show food this season, you should make your own. It can be quick and simple to prepare your own food and bring it to your events. Try these easy and delicious recipes this competition season: 1) Red pepper, goat cheese, and fresh mint wraps – These make for the perfect lunch on a hot show day. They are both filling and refreshing. Make them the night before your show, pack them in zip lock bags…

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Friday’s fashion – Customize your own pinney for the 2017 season

This is my pinney from  ORDER YOURS TODAY! You will not be disappointed.

  Welcome to Friday’s fashion where we feature fashion must have items for riders and their horses. Tune in every Friday with your (or your parents’ or your significant other’s) credit card in hand,  for some excellent fashion finds. Lets bring style to the Eventing world!  I have not personally tested all of the featured products but the websites they are available through are reputable and I will not feature any products with negative reviews. If you own any of these products please share your to opinions so we can all find the best deals and look great.   Are you wearing an old and plain pinney…

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Life is too short to ride the wrong horse


  I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve had a lot of good horses– not “good horses” because of talent, but appropriate horses for where I was in my riding career.  I began Eventing on a 15hh foundation-bred Quarter Horse, Casey.  What Casey may have lacked in talent or dressage-winning gaits, he made up for with enthusiasm and work ethic.  He taught me that cross-country should be FUN, and jumping should always put a smile on your face.  Otherwise, why do it? The confidence I gained from him set me up well to start with a willing, trainable green horse.  Before I committed…

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How did the ’16 riders to watch in 2016′ perform during the Olympic year?

April Simmonds (CAN) and Quebec NZPH.

  Last year, Eventing Connect highlighted “16 Eventers to watch in 2016”. These 16 riders had some interesting results in 2015 and were vying for a coveted 2016 Olympic team spot. Six out of these 16 riders did make it all the way to Rio and two even won Olympic medals. Although not all 16 riders made it to the Rio Olympics, they all had impressive 2016 seasons and are certainly 2018 World Equestrian Games material. Keep your eye on these riders this year because they did not disappoint in 2016. 1) Waylon Roberts (CAN) – In 2016 Waylon caught…

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How do equestrians spend money compared to normal people?

Horse stable

  If you are a rider or horse owner, odds are that you are not rolling in money. But you are not impoverished either. You are probably considered ‘horse poor’. This means you spend all of your hard earned money on horses so you have none left for ‘normal’ purchases. Why would you spend a dime on pointless luxury items when you can use it fund your passion? Although you might make more money than your non-horsey friends and family, outside the horse world, no one would guess this. Do these spending habits strike a familiar chord? 1) Normal people…

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Solidify yourself in the saddle with these five core exercises

Make it your goal to get Boyd Martin stickability this year...

  Developing core strength will make you a better rider in all three phases. Having strong core muscles betters your balance and posture in the saddle. It does not matter what level you are competing at, building a strong core will make a noticeable difference in your riding. These are the five core exercises I like to do on a regular basis to keep myself eventer fit: 1) Alternating superman: This exercise is dead simple and is great to work the smaller ab muscles that many core exercises do not. Lie face down (I recommend doing so on an exercise…

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